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S.O.S - Please save my Hair...

- It's not a secret that I had put my hair through quite a bit of abuse these past few months after all the bleaching, in fact, I put my hair through so much abuse, by the end of October my hair was looking dry, brittle and extremely brassy.
Around 3 weeks ago, I realized I could no longer go in public with my hair looking the way it did, so I turned to the professionals at Tropicos Salon.

Aside from getting an amazing shorter bob than I have ever had before, and a fresh color treatment. Kim is the person responsible for the amazing job done with my hair.
He put a colder toner to get rid of the yellow tones and put more dimension into my hair.

The biggest challenge is definitely the constant exposure to the cold weather that dries my skin & hair badly. Though I try to cover up my hair whenever I can, I simply cannot avoid the damaging harsh cold Weather in Norway.
Another challenge is styling- I curl or straighten my hair every day, no exceptions. So, unless I use the right hair care products, heating tools slowly but securely damage my hair, and leave it looking dry, frizzy, brittle and completely lackluster!
Kim went ahead and customized a line of products I could use at home to protect and keep my hair healthy until next Salon treatment.

Starting with the Shampoo; I've been using Shue Uemura Color Lustre- Musk Rose Oil that contains also goji berry extract. Cleaning up the hair and all the residues of styling products from the scalp.

After the Shampoo, I towel-dry my hair and apply Fusio Dose from Kerastase that is exclusive picked up by my hairdresser.
The Homelab is customized to the needs of the hair has (Nutrition/Reparation) to achieve the best results.
All of the boosters have different concentrated formulas with active ingredients to instantly transform the hair.

- Separate the hair into different sections.
-Apply the product & massage the head.
I let the formula on my hair for around 5 minutes
but if you are in a hurry you can just leave it for 1 minute.

I have to say that the results have been absolutely amazing! Seeing an enormous difference that the right products made in the way my hair looks and feels have been a completely transformative experience!
My hair is much more alive, shiny, manageable and easier to style!
A Big Thank YOU to Kim for always saving my hair.
To find out more about the salon- click HERE

XOXO , Camila Andrea.



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Nydelig 😲
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