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Finding inspiration can be hard.
Let's discuss where I do find motivation. When you get lost in the internet scroll, it's truly not that hard...

Honestly, Pinterest isn't for middle aged women pinning recipes (though that sounds great too). Pinterest has become one of my major sources of inspiration and I love it because you can create your own boards for just about anything. Base them off of mood, color schemes, ideas, future photoshoot ideas, content creation...once you get a basis of good boards, the possibilities are endless, and it can truly provide insight on where your style is headed in a specific moment.
My boards are in categories including fashion such as streetstyle, beauty, travel, and of course... cats.
The amazing thing too is that once you start repinning images that have a certain aesthetic, Pinterest registers it and will start recommending posts that fit your style.
I have secret mood boards created for certain shoots or bang-spiration, too

If you enjoy more tangible inspiration, magazines and books can be your go-to.
Don't look at these huge photoshoots as intimidating, instead focus on the minor details that have been incorporated that you can somehow utilize in your own photos. Perhaps it is a certain styling technique, or a way of words, or different angles used.
Cut out images, create a physical mood board, and surround yourself by it so you can constantly be inspired by the photographs you love most.

Look Around
This last one is pretty typical, but I feel like we don't do it as much anymore. Sometimes, admiring people's outfits on the street can fuel my creative bug. The most mundane things, like morning coffee shops, restaurants, random vintage shops, couples walking, an old building, can give me encouragement. Seeing the little things in life is an amazing way to inspire the big things.

XOXO , Camila Andrea.

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Where can i get this amazing outfit, im sorry if i had miss it 😊
so so sooo beautiful!!
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