Self-Confidence Makeup

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Among all my friends I believe I’m the one who wears the most makeup, I started to do my makeup at a very late age because I was one of those girls who weren't interested in makeup until turning 22 , my priority was always to use a little bit of concealer and eyeliner, my dear best friend eyeliner.
The older I got the more interest I got into painting and photography, therefore I started doing more makeup and so when I have zero time to do my makeup I always end up with a bit of concealer and eyeliner just like the old days.

Throughout all my life I hated how small my eyes were and in my twenties a thick line of black eyeliner was a must for my routine. Now that I have learned to appreciate my features more and find a bit of charm in the size and shape of my eyes, I only apply mascara. However, something that I still do not feel comfortable with is the square-shape of my jaw, so I do subtle contouring on the cheeks to dissimulate it.

Invested time at the morning: 20 minutes

Must Product : Nars Concealer

Favorite brand: Guerlain & Maybelline

XOXO , Camila Andrea.

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