How to Turn Your Art Passion Into a Business

Artists are often told they need "exposure" before they can make any money off their art. And why not? You're working on your "passion" aren't you?

But the problem is, you've been working on your passion the entirety of your adult life. You're a creator and you would die if you didn't create.

But just because being creative is akin to breathing for you, it doesn't mean that your work and your art aren't worth actual money. It also doesn't meant that you aren't worth actual money either. In fact, you're priceless.

The road to turning your art into money is rough. You need to get your stuff in front of eye-balls. And those eyeballs are inundated with a lot of other information.

Today I'm going to talk about how it's absolutely possible to make money off your art.

1. It's Still About Who You Know

Many writers and artists like myself would prefer to become hermits. We have our friends but they tend to have nothing to do with our work.

If you want to sell your art, you can't be a hermit.

It's time to leave the shell that is your studio or office and get out there to network. Other artists are networking and the five degrees of separation will have you near enough to someone who will either buy your art or sell you art in no time.

2. Just Do It

It's time to take the advice of Nike and get your butt in gear. The internet is the easiest place to make a living and there is now no excuse for anyone with a computer and an internet connection not to be making money.

Just realize it's going to take work. How much work? Hours a week.

You have to be willing to take time away from your art to sell your art.

Set up a shop with either Etsy, Shopify, or eBay. Then start marketing.

Start a blog. Create a dozen social media accounts. Blast the world with your art.

3. Go International

Twenty years ago it would have been much more difficult to break into the international market without serious connections. But today with advancements like translation software and instant communication technologies, you can contact dealers on the other side of the world who might showcase your art.

If you don't want to contact artists directly, there's always an online marketplace. Places like Amazon's art page and are some of the best places to get your art in front of eyeballs.

And once you've sold your piece, it's important to find an international shipping service. Depending on the kind of art you are shipping, you would need a service that could handle fragile pieces of art. You might be shipping glass or thin canvas. Don't be afraid to charge what the shipping is actually worth. If you find a dealer who is serious about your work, they will be willing to pay the shipping cost.

Either way you should definitely start selling your work right now. If you wait any longer, you'll be in even more danger of becoming a hermit and selling nothing ever.