There are two parts of this poem. In the first section the columns ends with no more and in the other half it ends with nevermore. The first part is filled emotion sadness and self-pity. He's complaining and feeling lost. But when the raven is introduced and starts to mock him the anger and despair takes over, it speeds up and words after words flow through the pages. Words that rhyme makes the text flow smoothly and therefore speeds up the poem. The agony and pain he feels is flowing throughout the poem.

This is a narrative poem which is noted for its musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man's slow fall into madness. The lover, often identified as being a student, is lamenting the loss of his love, Lenore. Sitting on a bust of Pallas, the raven seems to further instigate his distress with its constant repetition of the word "Nevermore". We don't know if the raven actually knows what it is saying and if it really intends to cause a reaction on the narrator.

We get to follow the unnamed narrator who is sitting on a dreary night in December reading the “forgotten lore” next to his fireplace. Perhaps he is reading to forget the death of his former lover Lenore. When the tapping starts he first get the impression that it's coming from the chamber door as he opens the door and the thing he fears the most is outside (the night) but it couldn't be the one tapping and he discovers that the noise comes from the window. As he opens the window a raven abruptly flies inside and takes a seat on a bust of Pallas above the door. It gives the narrator no attention and when asked of it's name it simply answers nevermore. The questions continues and it all leads up to him asking the raven (even though he already knows the answer) if he will be reunited with Lenore in heaven and the answer (nevermore) gets him enraged. He calls the raven a liar and ask him to return to the “Plutonian shore” which is a play on words that Poe uses to describe the night. The word Plutonian is an allusion to the Roman god of the underworld that one associates with darkness and death. Why he uses the shore can be a metaphor to see the night as an ocean, washing up against his chamber. It's a conflict inside of the narrator between a desire to forget Lenore so that he can get over his pain and a desire to remember so that he can be with her forever. He is hurting himself asking the raven questions that he knows the answer to will be nevermore. He wants to feel pain, perhaps as a punishment. A theory is that he was the one that killed Lenore and therefore they will not see each other in heaven for he will be going to hell. And maybe that is another reason why he hates and fears the night cause that's where he'll be spending eternity.

You can really see how the narrators mind evolves throughout the poem, how he goes from weak and weary to regretful and grief-stricken and later on becoming mad.

This poem is quite special, especially in it's plot. It begins with a knock on the door and at this point you can't comprehend if the narrator is waking up or slowly dozing of to sleep. The thing is that it doesn't matter; the poem makes sense anyway. He's scared, the tone of the poem is almost like a prayer. It's quite funny how scared he gets just by the tapping. Not many I know would get scared if someone came knocking at their door. When he later on opens the window and lets the creature of the night in he gets even more terrified even though he at first tries to be polite to the bird. He is reaching out to the raven, exposing every cell in his body. At this point we don't know if he is sad or just angry that the bird is mocking his grief for his loved one. We can't quite comprehend what has happened just that Lenore is no more. Lenore is one of the main character in this poem even though she does not appear in real life, she is just a painting on the wall and a person he speaks of.

Plot: First the narrator is either waking up to the sound of knocking or falling asleep and starting to dream. The raven is depression

Tone: Preaching, dramatic and sad. It can be read either sad or angry/hateful he doesn't imply his feelings for Lenore. He is either sad that she's gone or glad that she is and then gets mad when the Raven is mocking his gloat.

Setting: Chamber in the night. Or dreamland. It's dark and probably windy outside because he thinks the tapping on the window is from a branch of some sort.

Characters: The Raven, the narrator (gender unknown if Edgar isn't talking about himself), Lenore, angels, god, the devil. Or the “all in his head” theory that implies that it's all in the narrators head and the narrator himself is doing this to himself.

Mood: Can as always be interoperate how ever you like but the most common interoperation on this poem are that the narrator are heartbroken and therefore everything is mocking him. Sadness and despair flows throughout the poem.

Theme: To wake emotions and telling a story. Edgar was maybe heartbroken or had someone in his surrounding that were and therefore needing a form of ventilation. Instead of saying words out loud, writing down your emotions are a great way to tell the world how you feel. You may want to alter it after a while but that is what poetry is all about.

Voice: What if it was a child reading this to you? Would it take away some of the darkness in the poem? Edgar is the “original goth kid” and therefore a man with a raspy voice fits the part perfectly. It is much about theemphasizing on words and taking art breaks. Silence in this case speaks more than words and it is needed for without it you will have problems comprehending the meaning of the words and the tone of the poem. The seriousness is also brought out in the light of art breaks.


Narrator vs Raven

The narrator is the one who we should feel sad for and the raven is just there mock him. He had gone in to his chamber to lick his wounds and then the raven came and ripped his heart wide open once again. The raven is a bad thing or being he has to defeat or perhaps overcome.

Raven vs Narrator

After all the poem is called the Raven so why shouldn't we interoperate the poem like the ravens voice and opinion might be the only way. Nevermore, the poem circles around the bird and it is fighting the narrator. Even thou it isn't there from the very first beginning it still sets a mark as a knocking, tapping or rapping on the chamber door.

Narrator vs Narrator

Maybe the raven is a symbol of some kind. A symbol of love wasted away or just a symbol of the narrators own sad-/madness. The Narrator might be doing this to himself through the dream. It's his own thoughts and therefore he is fighting himself. The raven knows exactly what buttons to push and knows to much in general, even thou it only knows one word he still succeeds to drive the narrator into madness. Maybe Edgar was going through a depression and are just expressing his struggle with his emotions, trying to keep the hopes up even though a little voice in his head are going against him.

Poetic structure:

The poem is made up of 18 stanzas of six lines each. Generally, the meter is trochaic octameter – eight trochaic feet per line, each foot having one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable.”



What of you think of when you see a girl, a girl that's ordinary but not treated fairly?
So innocent and small with a face full of grace
She's living a life not even close to fulfilled would you even mind if she got killed
But there's not only one or three or four it's up to thousands and counting on more.
They disappear everyday, taken so very far away.
They take them from their families and will not see, this is not what they want to be.
Doctors, teachers and engineers but now they all live in fears.
Living for men's own satisfaction and don't make a pence from the transaction.   
Rape and murder happens everyday the lucky ones get to sleep on hay.
This is reality, this happens now and all we do is ask ourselves why.
When really what we have to do is fight protect our girls in the dead of night.



Nova går fram över den grå asfalten och ser ut över den tomma skolgården. Inget är som förut och illamåendet ökar med varje steg. Till slut vänder hon ryggen till och börjar springa, springa som aldrig förr. Bort från skolan, socialen och allas blickar. Bort från allt.

Hon hade stannat ensam hemma den dagen. Varit sjuk och insisterat på att dem skulle åka. Pappa hade stannat, hon såg det i hans ögon. Men ändå tvingade hon ut honom i hallen med jackan i handen. De skulle iväg till en moster på släktkalas och tog den blå bilen. Den som nu ligger på skroten hopknycklad och fördärvad

När hon låg där i soffan med Family Guy på teven ekade ringsignalen från ytterdörren genom hela huset. Hon reste sig segt från soffan och öppnade dörren.

-Hej, sa hon.

-Hej Nova. Vad sägs om att jag och Martin kommer in ett tag

Det var hennes moster som stod utanför. Vad skulle hon göra? Hon ville fråga varför dom var här och varför hennes mosters ögon var till brädden fyllda till tårar.

De steg in men stannade innanför dörren, hängde inte av sig jackorna. Tina, hennes moster böjde sig ner mot henne och sa:

- Vi ska åka till sjukhuset nu, dina föräldrar har krockat.

Hon flyger fram, hennes ben rör sig pendelliknande över asfalten. Hon passerar flera busshållplatser innan hon kommer ner till hamnen. Ingenting. Ingenting finns kvar av det hon förr värderat mest. Ensamheten skär i kroppen men hon fortsätter framåt, bort över bron. Halmstad är inte den största staden och rykten sprids snabbt. Hon hade alltid varit den gladaste men inget varar för evigt.

Efter Tina uttalat orden tar hon ner kappan med ren mekanik och trär långsamt in fötterna i skorna. Bilresan blir tyst och kort, de bor bara tre kilometer från sjukhuset. När de kommer fram går hon in genom dörrarna lite efter Martin och Tina. Följer dem när de banar väg fram till väntrummet där resten av släkten sitter och stirrar tomt ut i luften. Inga andra barn. Bara Nova.

En evighet senare kommer doktorn ut. "Vi gjorde allt vi kunde."

Då brister allt. Hon skakar och skriker, Tina försöker trösta men hon gråter likaså. De hade krockat med en lastbil, den hade kommit upp på fel sida och kört rakt in i den lilla blå bilen. En frontalkrock, ingen överlevde.

Jag hann inte ens säga hejdå. Tanken upprepas i huvudet om och om igen. Hon hejdar sig inte utan springer rakt över vägen. Tårarna bränner på kinderna, hon springer ut på gräset bredvid kanalen och faller på knä. Nej, inget blir som förut.

Hon somnar i Tinas famn morgonen dagen efter. Men det varar inte länge då hon vaknar drygt en timme efteråt. Då är det över. Efter att ha gråtit en hel natt är tårarna slut. Den vitklädda personalen frågar om hon vill se dem, för att få "ett avslut". Hon tackar ja. Hon leds genom långa korridorer tryckande Tinas hand, lukten som möter dom är desinfektion och kallt. Ja, det luktade kallt. Kylan tränger in i henne och får håren på kroppen att resa sig i givakt. Tre bårar. Tre kroppar.

Skriket ekar över vattnet, tonas ut för att sen försvinna i betongen. Hon vill inte fortsätta minnas. Lägger sig i fosterställning och huttrar. Hösten lurar bakom hörnet, men ännu är marken varm. Hennes ögon sluts och tankarna vandrar iväg igen.

Minnet av deras stela kroppar på varsin bår är oförglömligt. Hon tar ett fåtal steg framåt med uttryckslöst ansikte. Synar både mamma och pappas ansikten men stannar vid det tredje, hennes syster. Den lilla kroppen ligger livlös,. Ögonen slutna och läpparna lite lätt på glänt. Hennes fina syster, död. Hon vänder sig om med slutna ögon, tårarna bränner bakom ögonlocken. Dörren stängs bakom dem och de lämnar sjukhuset.

Hon samlar sina sista krafter, slår upp ögonen och reser sig. Hon går till tågterminalen, tar sig in på en toalett och synar sig själv. Det mörka håret som tycks vara omöjligt att tämja, den förstora svarta T-shirten, svarta byxor tillsammans med sjalen och den osminkade nunan ser det inte så dumt ut. Fyller 15 om en vecka. Tankarna vandrar iväg igen.

Nova sitter vid sin mosters köksbord medan Tina bläddrar i tidningar, det står inget om krocken varken i Aftonbladet eller Expressen. Inget på nyheterna heller, en hel familj gick i bitar och ingen tycks bry sig. Men varför skulle dom? På andra platser i världen dör många fler, varje dag. Dagarna blir till veckor och socialmöten avlöser varandra medan släkten bråkar om vem som ska ta hand om henne. Hon pratar inte vilket oroar kuratorer, socialsekreterare och psykologer. Men vad finns det att säga? Hej, jag har precis förlorat min familj men allt är bra nu för att jag säger att det är så. Idiotiskt. Ingen kan förstå. Efter ytterligare några veckor bestäms det att hon ska testa att gå till skolan en måndag. Vilket hon går med på. Och nu står hon här, på en stationstoalett med vandrande tankar. Hon går och sätter sig på en utav bänkarna vid spåret, ser hur ljuset från det inkommande tåget närmar sig. Springer, hoppar, svart. Nu har hon fått sitt avslut.