Snapshots from the last couple of days

Last night while I was waiting for the bus to get home it was minus 15 degrees. Sure it was in the middle of the night but still, it felt like my fingers were about to fall off that's how painful it was. Then it took me about two hours to fall asleep since I was frozen into the core. I think I fell asleep around 3am and woke up all sweaty around 8 because of all the blankets I'd added to my already very warm comforter. Will I ever get used to this cold? The good thing is that the sun is shining almost everyday and the mornings are so beautiful I always stop to take pictures before stepping in to the big house to have my everyday, extremely important breakfast which is by far the best time of the day.

This is what I would call winter wonderland because it's cold as f*uck but at the same time enough snow which makes everything so much more beautiful. I spoke to Will today and he was complaining about the weather in Florence saying how the cold was killing him and it was eight degrees. So I told him he's not allowed to complain because of how cold it is here but then he reminded me that he's from southern California and it all made sense. I am the one who shouldn't be complaining, I'm Swedish for god's sake! What makes me feel a little better is that we've now booked Santorini in May which I am so excited for! I've only seen pictures from there and always wanted to go. The biggest plus is that I am going with Will right before he's going back to the U.S again <33

In one week I am going to Lund to visit my friends so hopefully the upcoming week will go by fast because I am so excited to go back to visit everyone. Then the main focus will be on Högskoleprovet and the drivers licence which I really need now when I am back home living in the woods again haha.

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It's been over a week since I left Florence and tomorrow it will be a week ago I left Milan and Italy. It feels like it's been longer because I've really kept myself busy this week. On Friday I went to Stockholm to have lunch with my mother and a friend at NK and then I've been hanging out with friends and cousins all weekend so those three days went by pretty quickly. I've also fixed the cabin so now I have my own place again which feels kinda nice since I've been taking care of myself the last four years and moving back home is not the easiest after being used to living by yourself. But it feels so nice to have the family just a couple of steps from my house and also the nature which I'm surrounded by here.

I had my first day back at work yesterday and it feels great! Yup I've missed the motherland. The only thing I really miss about Italy is the language. Not speaking Italian in a week feels weird. I also miss all my friends of coarse!

Right now I'm about to cook dinner which I am doing now everyday. Tonight it'll be chicken with sweet potato and some salad. Mmmm. About to book Santorini also with Will, I really hope we can make it work because that would be absolutely amazing. Time to go cook, bye.



Den senaste veckan har varit så jobbig. Eftersom jag bestämde mig för att flytta hem, trots att jag fick ett jobb, så har tankarna snurrat alldeles för mycket. Men efter att ha vägt för- och nackdelar varje dag för att bli helt övertygad så vet jag nu att jag gjort rätt val. Trots att Florens har gett mig så mycket mer än jag någonsin kunde önskat så vet jag att Sverige kan ge mig mer. Tiden här har varit fantastisk. Jag har fått lära känna fantastiska personer och fått knyta kontakter för livet. Jag pratar äntligen ett tredje språk och på grund av det har en helt ny värld öppnats. Jag har också fått spendera väldigt mycket tid med Will som också har bott i Florens under den här tiden och som tur är kommer han till Stockholm i April då vi ska gå och se Sam Smith tillsammans. Giuseppe som var min landlord från början kom att bli en väldigt god vän och lite som en far för mig när jag bott här. De har alltid bott en våning ner och vi har ofta ätit ihop och umgåtts som en familj. När jag berättade att jag bestämt mig för att åka hem gav han mig en blick jag aldrig kommer glömma och när vi kramades hejdå en vecka senare sa han att om jag inte kommer och hälsar på snart kommer han till Sverige och hämtar hem mig. Jag har blivit som en dotter för honom då han själv inte har några barn. Men för att knyta ihop säcken så gjorde jag det jävligt bra. Jag lämnade innan jag började ogilla allt för mycket. Turisterna och stadslivet började göra mig galen och jag har nog aldrig längtat så mycket till naturen som jag gör nu. I skrivandes stund sitter jag i Cornate d'Adda utanför Milano hemma hos mitt ex som jag också vant mig vid att ha så nära nu igen. Helt ensam sitter jag och äter frukost. Alla jobbar i dag så jag har en dag för mig själv vilket betyder att jag har mycket tid till att tänka och då kommer det massa känslor som jag egentligen inte vill känna. Men det är också bra. Jag måste få vara ledsen över att lämna Giuseppe, att lämna landet där de pratar det finaste språket i hela världen och min andra familj här som jag älskar så mycket. Jag vet ju att jag kan komma och hälsa på, men det kommer aldrig bli samma sak. Precis som det var när jag avslutade kapitlet i Santa Barbara och Lund. Lycka blandat med sorg. Väldigt konstigt, men det kommer bli bra. Nu börjar ett nytt kapitel. Kram på er och hejdå Florens och Italien. Vi ses snart!

Världens bästa skola, Centro Fiorenza.

Esther. Världens bästa Esther.

Giuseppe. 100% sicilienare med ett hjärta av guld.

Hejdå världens finaste stad <3



I'm on my second week of school this year and I have one more to go before I need to really figure out what to do after I'm done with school. I am already applying like an idiot for jobs but it is harder than I thought. After having an interview a month ago for a company who basically said I got the job but then never called back, i'm very self conscious about the whole idea of applying for jobs. But I gotta do what I gotta do and hopefully it will all work out.

This morning I met up with Will after not seeing each other for a month! It was so nice seeing him again. We had breakfast and walked around the city a bit this morning when it was sunny and too early for the tourists to take up all the space on the street. And for those of you who are wondering- I still haven't accepted the fact that this city is always crowded. I still get mad when a person walks too slow in front of me, it annoys me that I have to leave the house five minutes before if I have an afternoon class because the streets are too full of people and the worst of the worse is when a tour guide wakes me up 8 o'clock on a Saturday for speaking Japanese so loud that my old windows in my bedroom are shaking. Seriously where am I living though? Who am I? Why can't I just walk around with a smile on my face and not be so fed up about other people. Luckily my dad gave me this book for Christmas. It's called "surrounded by idiots" (in Swedish though) and it's a really good one to read if your'e tired of others. I am learning that I am wrong. NOT fun, but educative. Recommend recommend!

I must say I'm improving my Italian each week now, maybe even each day. The sentences comes more fluently which is so nice. I've been meeting with a friend who's a native speaker of Italian but wants to learn Swedish so it's a win win for both. I'm also setting my alarm early each morning to go out for a run. Especially this week when the morning has given us sun and no wind it has been such a great start of the day. Running up to Piazzale Michelangelo has given me so much energy. I am spending time with my partner in crime Esther who I share all my emotions with. We get each other in a very strange kind of way which is nice since I'm not very easy to get. When we are in the classroom together one look is enough for me to know what word she's struggling with. It's like allowed for us to laugh at each other which is so great. It's just so great.

This is the view from Piazzale Michelangelo.

...And here in the morning.

Partner in crime, right there!



After dragging my heavy bag through a crowded Florence I finally made it home to my room in Florence. It only took me an hour and a half by train here from Milan. I must say I have mixed feelings about being back. After spending a week in Sweden, four days in Mallorca and three days in Milano it feels kind of weird coming back here to be honest. Maybe because it feels like time has been standing still here while I've been away. Seeing all the tourists when I came out on the street just made me want to return inside to the train station and go back to Milano but at the same time it was kind of cozy when I got back to the apartment. I mean this has been my home since the end of September so it also has it's charm coming back after all.

Tomorrow is my first day of school this year and I'm quite excited. I feel like I've forgotten so much when I've been away. When Naty came to pick me up from the airport the other day in Milano I realized how much two weeks of not speaking Italian did to me. Since she only speaks Italian I'm forced to do it too and so I realized how I got stuck in every sentence trying to come up with the words quicker but I just couldn't do it! It's amazing how the brain works really because even though I know I'm quite slow up there I didn't think two weeks would affect me this much. On the other hand I'm "back to normal" after these three days so I guess that's good. I did not loose it completely!

Over all I feel excited being back. Who knows, I might be back in Sweden in no time so I might just enjoy Italy while I can. See you soon, ciao.

Here are some pictures from Mallorca where I celebrated New Years.



Wohoo There's a new year coming and I've been waiting and waiting and waaating! I'm so done with this year. It started really bad because of a really bad breakup and since then I have been struggling to move on and find peace but I somehow haven't been fully able to because I still think about the things I shouldn't be thinking about because it's still in the present past. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Let's just move on.

This year has been a rollercoaster in so many ways. Like I said it started really bad but it also ended really good. I weighed ten kilos less in January than I do today. Ten happy kilos I've gained and ten I never want to loose again. Right now I'm living my dream studying Italian which is a fantastic language to learn. Growing up in a country with a language that has no connection to latin makes everything much harder but also so much cooler since I now understand the structure. Once the penny dropped there was no turning back and I'm so excited to see how far I'll go 2018. I'm going back to school for three more weeks then I'm ready to spread my wings and se where the wind takes me. Maybe I will stay in Florence, maybe I'll go to the alps or maybe back to Sweden. I don't know, and I love it!

The highlights of 2017.

I've been thinking about these moments trying to come up with at least three higlights of 2017 but it's hard because so many wonderful things have happened this year. But if I have to list three of them these are the ones:

1. Studying English at Lunds university.
I met so many wonderful people including one really good friend Julia who turned out to become very important to me. I never would have made it through the spring semester without my little squad who always supported me and made me laugh every day. Studying english was much more fun than I had expected and it was during these months I realized how much I love studying languages.

2. All the traveling.
It started with Palma in February to visit our new apartment which was super nice since February is a cold and dark month in Sweden and Palma is the complete opposite. In May my family went to Florida to watch my brother graduate from college. This is a trip I will never forget because it made me good in so many ways. Spending time with family, playing a lot of tennis, visiting beautiful beaches and just relaxing after having a very stressful semester at Uni. My brother and I went to NYC after Florida for a couple of days where I also got to see Will which was amazing. The next trip I made was a spontaneous one to Italy this summer. I decided to go to my Italian family to visit which is also the family of my ex boyfriend. This is something I am very happy about doing since I reunited with my best friend and I'm so thankful we have this relationship to each other today. A week after coming home from Italy I left for Palma again but this time with Fanny. This was definitely one of the most fun trips I've had ever and it ended my summer pretty well. Thanks for all the vattenmelonas and laughter Fanny, I can't wait to do it again.

3. Moving to Florence
Ya what would you expect.. Of coarse this is one of the best things I've done this year. Making this decision wasn't hard. I always wanted to learn Italian and since I was done with Lund I just told myself to do it. I'm young, I have the opportunity and I already have connections in the country so why not. A big plus was that Will lived in the city already so it wasn't hard to decide where to go. I started school on my birthday and from there on forward I studied this beautiful language 4hrs a day for three months. It feels amazing and I'm not regretting a single thing. A pretty good ending of this year I must say.

Even though 2017 started at a very dark place for me I succeeded to find my way back to the light. Mostly because of all the wonderful people who supported me. My family and my friends, a big fat THANK YOU for everything. I wouldn't be here today without you and if I ever get the chance to give back I will without hesitating a second. Everything turned out pretty well, but I still feel ready to enter the new year. I'm ready to say goodbye to 2017 and start over. I'll fly over to Palma for the third time this year on the 31st to celebrate new years eve with my parents. Then on friday next week I will be back in Pizzaland again. So excited! See you next year lovelies, Ciao.

Happy New Years!



Saturday. It's raining and I am sitting at a cafe alone hoping Esther will join me in a bit. Last night I passed the bookstore and bought myself a book in italian. I thought I was going to buy Pinocchio but I definitely had to reconsider when I saw the options on the children's section. I ended up buying Alice in wonderland instead. It felt more interesting and the language did not seem that hard so let's hope I'll finish this one and not quit after one page haha.

I finally bought my train ticket to Milano which means I'll see Josy and the family in only a couple of days and to be completely honest I can't wait. The last couple of days I've been missing home so much. Ever since Mariko left school the routines have changed since we only go to school three hours a day now. Helena moved out from the apartment and it's freaking raining all the time like heeello I'm in Italy not Sweden. I haven't eaten a single pepparkaka yet and the christmas spirit is very far away. Last night I texted mom asking if she could prepare some pepparkakor and lussebullar for friday when I'm coming home. For you who don't know, pepparkakor and lussebullar are two different pastries we eat in sweden for christmas and I miss it SO much. I also miss my family, the dogs, snow (!) and swedish breakfast. Luckily it's only a week left, yayy!

Before I end this post I feel like I want to tell you one more thing. There are three boys sitting next to me on a couch drinking coffee. They probably think I'm american since I'm blonde and not italian- looking. However they have no idea I speak italian because they are talking about me, not in a bad way though but it's kinda funny how they're thinking I'm here writing this blogpost not being aware of what they are saying. I should just drop the news when they leave and be like heyyyy there beautifuls how's your day going? I feel like people always think I'm american here in Florence. Given that there are many american students in this city I don't blame them but I know most of them don't speak italian so when people see me they just start speaking english. That's not the case though which sometimes can turn into funny situations like this.

Whatever, I'm going to start reading about Alice now and if by any chance I don't understand I might as well just ask the boys for help. Have a great weekend, ciaoooo.



I'm reading my classmate's blog and it just cracks me up because we are both going through the same struggles in life right now. Both in school and in our private life and it kind of makes all the problems funny which I think is good because after a while you'll be back to feeling like crap again so at least I get to laugh about it a little. Sounds harsh I know but at least we're turning it into something positive.

This morning we were at a cafe studying and this guy sat next to us nodding his head whenever we were saying the words right. It was like he was as happy as us when we found the right conjugations of the verbs which actually made me more motivated to be correct since we had a silent, decently pretty, italian spectator right next to us. We also had a very interesting class today with Marco where we just talked about all the things that does not make any sense at all for us english speaking people. For example the reflexive verbs. I'm sorry but whoever came up with that is just stupid because it makes no sense at all to say "I wash myself my teeth" or "I wash myself my car" !!! It makes absolutely no sense but for the italians it does apparently haha. We also got into the subject feminism which caught my interest (like always) and it was more than frustrating to talk about it in italian since I always want my voice heard but Marco was so kind and told me to try and let me tell you it worked god dammit. I told them all (ok we are two people in the class but anyways I like to imagine so please let me) about the strong women in Sweden and how much further ahead we are than other countries (for example the one I'm currently in) but still fighting our asses of to be equal. Proud to be a swede.

Although it was kind of weird talking about women's breasts in class with an italian man I enjoyed it because the more aware people get the better. We had a good laugh about it afterwards and I'm telling you we're creating more and more inside jokes for each day now. I couldn't stop laughing when I was at the gym on the bike reading the messages from Esther. You know when something is so funny you just can't hold it in so you tear up because of the effort you're making not to look stupid in public but then not really succeeding so the little corny laugh comes out anyways? Well I hope you know because despite of the fact that it's a little bit embarrassing it's absolutely hilarious.

Like I said before we are only two people studying B1 right now so the days are not as long as usual which sucks because I really love going to school here. In less than two weeks I'll be home in the winter wonderland again and it's starting to get to me that I've already been here for three months... GIVE ME MORE TIME PLEASE!




Since I've been here in Florence now for more than a while I've been questioned to write everything in english since (believe it or not) I actually made myself some friends and since most of them are not able to understand swedish I'll just write in english so that everyone can understand.

Yesterday was my dearest friend Mariko's last day here. We've known each other from the first day of school which means we've gone through a lot together. New students have been coming and going but we've been the only ones that's been here to stay for three months. This means we have gone through all stages of emotions together. Mostly laughter but also many tears and hard times when things just doesn't work out the way you want them to. For all of you that never studied a third language I might as well just tell you that it's freaking hard okay. Never did I think it would be this frustrating and never did I believe it would feel so amazing when you realize you're getting somewhere. I also never thought I would be cramping from laughing so hard at the inside jokes we have from these months. Learning a language together is so much fun because you understand each other's struggles and you're cheering for each other just because you know how hard it is to find those forking words or to create that perfect sentence that you know how to say in your own language but not in italian. If this makes any sense to any of you I'm glad. Let's move on to what happened last night.

Me, Mariko, Esther and Paola from school and two other girls went to aperitivo at a place called OIBO. The food there is amazing and the drinks very fancy. Afterwards we headed to my favorite bar where we drank Negroni and had a great time. One swede, one japanese, one dutch and one german all blending in together very well having a great night making jokes and being stupid. I am so happy I made the decision to move to this city. I've met so many wonderful people who taught me a lot. In a week and a half I will be back in Sweden with my family. I'll be home for two weeks then I'm heading back here to finish B1 in three weeks. Then I'll continue searching for jobs and learning this language that is more than I ever wanted. So grateful for the opportunities.

See you soon

Bella ragazza!! Mariko with her Kimono last day of school (by the way can you believe this woman is 35 years old?!)

Memories I will never forget.



Nu var det väl ändå länge sen jag skrev ett inlägg här. Allt går så fort och det är redan andra december. Igår var jag på arbetsintervju så det ser ut som att jag kommer stanna här ändå, kanske till och med över jul. Historien bakom denna intervju är rätt rolig så jag tänker att jag berättar för er.

Igår när jag kom ut från lektionen såg jag att jag har ett missat samtal från Gutteridge som är en herrbutik här i Florens. De har tre butiker mitt i stan så jag väljer att gå dit och prata med dem efter skolan istället för att ringa tillbaka. Jag lämnade in mitt Cv bara för några dagar sedan och då verkade det som att jag inte hade en chans att få jobbet så när jag såg att de ringt kom det som en chock och jag blev väldigt glad. När jag kommer in möter jag en stressad butikschef som pratar så fort och säger att han kommer strax. Jag förstod ingenting eftersom jag fortfarande inte hade pratat i telefon med dem så jag ville ju egentligen bara veta varför de ringt mig. Fem minuter senare kommer denna unga butikschef som enligt mig ser rätt bra ut och säger "kom så går vi och tar en kaffe". Jag förstår först ingenting men struntar i det och följer med. Vi går över gatan och sätter oss på ett fik och helt plötsligt börjar han intervjua mig på italienska med en dialekt som för mig var helt obegriplig. Viktigt att tillägga är att allt sker på italienska i denna historia och i stressade situationer och framförallt på en arbetsintervju har jag svårt att förstå så jag var tvungen att avbryta honom och fråga om vi kunde prata engelska just på intervjun då jag inte känner den här typen av konversationer. Han säger bara nej nej det här kommer gå så bra så. Jag börjar svettas och svävar iväg i andra tankar istället för att försöka lyssna. I slutet av intevjun frågar han om jag har några frågor och allt jag tänker är JA JAG HAR EN MILJON FRÅGOR men jag säger lugnt ja jag har två frågor och det är vad lönen ligger på och när jag kan börja jobba. Han säger nästa helg och att de ringer mig om mer information om lön och schema och så vidare.
Efter en kvart kommer jag ut. Will som jag mött upp precis innan jag gick in i butiken står som ett stort frågetecken utanför och förstår absolut inte varför jag gick iväg med en okänd man och drack kaffe.
Jag förstod kanske 5% av vad han sagt på denna intervju och det var att jag kommer jobba helger till att börja med och att de kommer ringa mig för mer information. That's it. Vi skrattade så mycket och jag kanske har misförstått allt som sas på intervjun men jag ska försöka hålla hoppet uppe. Om jag får det här jobbet (eller om jag redan fått det) kommer jag bli överlycklig.

Bortsett från intervjun så har det inte hänt så mycket mer än att jag har haft besök och gjort det som man gör när man är student. Pappa var här i tre dagar, Fredrik var här i tre dagar sen var Pizza här också för ett tag sedan. Jag har uppträtt på en bar, hängt med vänner, träffat världens finaste bartender som jag gärna skulle gifta mig med och lärt mig ännu mer italienska. Det här är så kul och jag älskar verkligen Italien!