Italy | day 5, 6, 7 | BUSABOUT

Friday! 16th Sept 2016
So today we started our Italian adventure on busabout. We go to our meeting point get on the bus and play a game of common things. But I had completely lost my voice from the party bus (completely worth it and Taylor had to talk for me ha).

We had our first out stop after 2 hours andddddd it was raining yay!
But not to worry we were driving away from the rain!

Having our first adventurer we arrive at Pompeii. I had no knowledge about this place, like I have heard of it but I dunno it? Ya feel?
History lesson for people out there who aren't history people!
So Pompeii was a city they people used to come to a lot and exchange good extra then the Volcano erupted and cover the city killing everyone but the animal fled bc animals are great and can connect with Mother Nature.
Many year after like thousands of year, I can't remember who it was but I'm pretty sure it was King Charles the 3rd wanted to build a castle on this land mass and when building discover an inter city!

Touring around Pompeii we had the funniest tour guide "Salvatore" I didn't really understand him all I got from him was "follow Salvatore" he was hilarious.

My ultimate favourite part of Pompeii was the brothel. History lesson: bc there were so many languages spoke in Italy and it was hard to communicate and so when the men wanted something, they'd go to this brothal and there were 6 pictures of what they wanted. Pretty funny. And the pictures are still there.
I have the mini post cards of them so if you want to see hit me up! Hah

And further on our journey there is a penis carved into the ground in the direction of the brothel. It was pretty funny.

Then we came to the opening like an auditorium or arena and there was a this massssive naked dude that everyone was making sexual photos with haha pretty funny.

Then our tour ended and we got food and that's when the tour we all started chatting and mingling.

Our next destination was Sorrento to where we were camping! We had little huts, we had like 30 minutes to relax before we went to the city and the look out. Having a quick shower and sort myself, we then went on the bus to Sorrento and we walked the Main Street where was shops and food.
THEN came to an adventurous man, Tony, who taught us how to make Lemonchello - lemon and vodka (I think) but my god it was strong I was tipsy off on shot! Brutal!
We got our selfies and people bought things. Then we went to a shop and bought a drink and over looked the view!

Then we made our way to a Resturant where we had a 5 course meal. Shit it was so good!!
When we finished we went to a bar for cheap cocktails and to celebrate Nhicoles birthday!
I sat with Ben and Soph. Soap made a friend wth this little #girl. That reminded me of me so much.

I was pretty tired so I went back wth Kristina and Petar and made it back just before the storm soooooo lucky


Saturday 17th
Today we went to Capri !
It was so good
We went by boat and a few people were sick but I wasn't?!?!? It was amazing. Usually that's me ?!?! So shocked and #proudmom.
When we got to Capri we went to a cafe had a feed them had choices of what we wanted to do. The blue grotto was closed as the water was super rough (hence people being sick)
So we went in this limo taxi so cool up the mountain to Anacapri which mean high Capri and we got to do a chair lift and see all of Capri is was AMAZZZINGGGG and I tried to record it but I'm having such bad luck with my GoPro, paying $600 for it not to work! Come on a Nokia can do better.

It was so so pretty up there the chair lift was cool!
Then when we had finished we went for a shop and I got some souvenirs a bag that broke and cost me an arm a leg and a present for mum.
Then after we met back with Lauren and the other and started walking back DOWN the mountain IN THONGS it should have taken an hour and a bit but we did it in 45 minutes YAS.
With a reward of an amazing gelato

When we finished we headed back to Sorrento on the boat and now the water was so so so so rough and I was having so much fun. Sat right at the front and got soakeddddd amazing! Hella salty #wheresthetequilla

We got back had a shower and relaxed then had dinner and went to bed. As we had an early morning the next day

Sunday 18th

Packing out things and getting on the bus at 7 we headed back to Rome but first we did the Amalfi coast and first stop to get fresh fruit and post cards!!

Then we drove down these crazy roads and went to Amalfi and got to swim in the water! Jumping off the boat so much fun! And again my GORPO DIDN'T RECORD IT UGH.

After we went there we went to Rovello and had lunch and reallllllyyy great gelatoooo that at the end the chocolate came out when I ate. Yummmmmyyyy.

This being our final stop we said goodbye to fellow travellers. And made the way back to Rome.