Oh My Blogger!

Oh my blogger!!! Blogger? ...What a "tittle" it's that! Well it depends, it can be a fun one, silly, the one that pays your bills or just the one who simply allows you to freely express yourself and perhaps with a bit of luck even inspire others to be better in any way shape of from, or just know they are not alone. That last one, it's my honest hope when finally starting with my own blog.

For many years now, I had been thinking on starting my own blog and I also have a few people that actually asked me why I don't have it...specially when it comes to sharing my love story/inspiration, (a bit of an unusual one!-for another blog/time that it's.;)) and there it's always so many of my amazing clients and friends in the bridal industry that wonder the same...

Well, for those of you who know me well the question I might get would go something like this; "What took you so long!" And the more private and introverted; "No, here it goes, you, "a blogger?" (With sarcastic voice). Either way, writing it's a well known therapy! Many good things can come out of expressing ourselves.
For as far as I know, and as long as you do it with respect for others and self, we should no be so terrified of letting others know how we feel! And whatever you get pay or not, sharing our true experiences with different products or circumstances, it should be something we should all be grateful for. Besides, last time I checked, none were forced to look or fallow anyone's blog or page?

So in my personal opinion, I'll write write write my fingers off, if I so wish so, and so should you!!!
The ones that don't like it, has no business on this nor any other blog and shouldn't even be reading this in the first place since for your information, you are reading one of many blogs out there! L.O.L and last but not least to the ones that do like it and care, well, WELCOME ABOARD! So happy you had joined!

PS: At this very moment there it's no one on my page, I haven't even fully published it, but when ready, please let me know if you passed by. It would be great to hear from you!

Best regards,

Just one step at the time, no rush, no fear!
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