Small steps

taking pictures of everything. Neither being photographed. This gym session did not go as I really wanted, the small strength I have built up did not cooperate on the walls today.

But I did check one small box which being one hand hold I have been struggling with since day one. The hold is to far away for me to just reach it, to have a chance I need to swing my body, pushing my body farther away from the wall with one foot and grabbing the hold at the right time, getting a firm grip around the hand hold so my hand does not get released when my body swings back. It should be easy. I have seen my friends clear out this route at first go, some of them have the magical gift of length and upper body strength. Things I do not currently have. I will lie if I said that I´m not mad about that hold.

Today I checked that box. I got that yellow hold. My hand did hold on to the hold when my body swung back. I have not cleard that route yet, but soon.

One angle of our gym.

This is the step I have been complaining about. Which now is completed!



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