Villa Codelli

Stopped at Villa Codelli for lunch and had the most fantastic starters Taglitelle con Rosso del uovo e Tartufo. The kids had tagliatelle with goulash, and finished it all. The maincourse we selected was Tagliata con i funghi con Porcini which was very very tender. And desert classic Tiramisu, also here the children friendliness came through as it was offered with the coffee apart so the kods can have it without and we can add it later, as we shared the desert.

The environment is wonderfully green and offers a beutiful walk in the park afterwards.

All ingredients come from the area and the food is made from the core. The service was children friendly, professional and with the right tint of humor.

Home made food with local ingredients in fantastic surrounding at its absolute best!

  • Life in Italy
  • Near Mossa, Province of Gorizia, Italy