All set for Christmas, we arrived in Krvavec at the house that we rented for this weekend around noon. The weather was sunny and mild. As we drove through the village it was very foggy, but as we started climbing the hills we left the grayness in the valley and up here the views are spectacular.

The house is fantastically cozy, and after a walk on the hills we heated the sauna. We all love Sayna and I really enjoy watching the children relax and just breath in the hot air as we throw löyly. It is part of the Finnish inheritance that I hope they will carry on. Also I in some strange way I found an Italian husband who (if possible) enjoy the sauna even more than me.

All the Christmas food is prepared, a Christmas movie is playing in the background. I love that Slovenian TV is in English, no dubbing. In a couple of hours my parents the children’s grandparents land in Ljubljana and Stefano will go pick them up. We are all longing the reunion tremendously.