Premier for downhill skis

We woke up to new powdery fresh white snow covering all the rooftops of Kranjska Gora and the whole neighborhood out in their driveways shoveling snow! It was a very joyful sight.s We had a slow breakfast with my favorites, dark bread, coffee and sour yoghurt / milk, in Finland we call it Piimä, in Sweden kefir and to my happy surprise also in Slovenia they drink Kefir.

We left the fantastic apartment hotel, concluding that this was a suitable way to live with kids as we could prepare pasta to bring with us to the slopes.

And the day that the kids had been wanting for, finally arrived, first time on skis. They were amazing! We rented skis one hour which was very suitable first time experience and the kids slope here was the best for trying out this art for a first time. After an hour they were happy but tired, and we agreed that for a first time an hour was enough to leave them with a happy memory and longing to get on the skis again. And that is what they have been requesting the whole afternoon.