Selling Our Apartment

Our current apartment was just listed on the market. Due to being here only for a few months prior to moving in to our dreamhome, we did not have time to really style the apartment for the listing, however it looks quite nice and fresh also naturally.
Before moving here, I was convinced that 55 m2 would never be enough for 4 persons. However having lived on 55m2 for abit over a month now, I actually start to like it. It is a challenge to downsize clothes, toys and all the extras, however we still seem to have everything we need. In the weekends we head outside! Actually if we would continue living here, it would be a very nice challenge to see how we could properly try to optimize all the cubic meters. The roofhight is an impressive 3 meters, and the living room very spacious. So building an extra space on the height would be rather interesting. Maybe a loft bed (pictures. Pinterest, Google, for us in the living room, and making the actual bedroom into the childrens bedroom, this way getting one "extra" room.
What is not mentioned in the announcement is that there is a small balcony and garden belonging to the appartment as well. For these once I have some very cozy ideas aswell.
  • Interior
  • Near Trieste, Province of Trieste, Italy