There is nothing I love more than food.

In last few years I started to cook daily and get new knowledge about ingredients I use. Most people doesn't know anything about Bosnian kitchen but believe me there is nothing easy with it.

Using oats is not something you will see in out culture. But there is always young people who gets new recipes from friends all around the world. Thanks God we have travels and TV cooking shows.

Here you can see typical oats meal. I used a lot of fruits,somehow it reminds me on spring. These days, everything reminds me on spring.

I love it!

That means spring is close.


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Hi people! 

Since I had a lot of obligations today I didnt have time to write anything. Believe me-or not this post is typed on my phone. I thought this is easier, God knows how much I miss my laptop. 

It is really easy to write blog post on laptop. On phone,you must take a lot of care on writing words in right way. Or just caring that everything will be uploaded.

Ohhh I love laptop. I think that my hand will explode after this. No metter, just wanted to say that we should be what we are.

After seeing some bad stuffs today I was thinking about how we started to enjoy in being somebody else. Everyone is pretending. They think that people will love you more or respect you.

But,the only truth is that people will love / respect you more if you do that first.

Be yourself and love that one!




Just came here to say all my dear friends something good for today. 

Since weekend is starting I want to wish you all great things, new adventures and a lot of time for yourself. That is something you really need. 

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.



​Hi there.

So I have been thinking about what should I post today because I'm not really in best mood. Since I was caught by a virus that has been running this area these days, my mood is weak. In the last few days, I did a little pose in the park and my friend accidentally recorded this picture. Finally, for a good picture I can say it's a coincidence. Raaaaandom guys!

I decided yesterday to publish it to my Instagram profile. Of course, as I was in such a good way, I was in my phase. It was something like....

''Waiting for that one message is like..''


There was a lot of questions in my box, something like why the hell do I wait someone else message like that.

Someone thought it was a move of a desperate girlfriend. Which is funny thought I must admite.

Even if it's ,why are people so interested in these things?

I'm not the only one who's ever been waiting for a message from an important person in my life. I did not find myself once in a girlfriend's position waiting for a guy's message. I'm not the only one, of course not. These are the normal things that are happening today in the world. Nothing for people to wonder so much. If things were different then the world would not be worth it.Every love and friendship carries something new. With each of these two things, you experience disappointment and happiness. What happens to most people is that somebody ignores them. He does not send them messages, he is busy, or he finds a new excuse.These are normal things. Sometimes one thinks differently than you, sometimes his feelings are fading towards you. These are not things that people should be ashamed of.

I must admit that I would always be on the side of the person who was left. I would be a person who is waiting for someone's message. That does not mean I'm poor, that just means I'm a strong person. I am strong enough to know that someone is avoiding deliberately and not doing anything other than waiting for his explanation.

Just imagine how it would be difficult for a person to explain to you why he left you and you did not do anything wrong. Even more so, you are getting better and better.

You do not have to look at yourself as a person without morals. You should look at your strength here. You need to know that you were good, that you can shout without a shame all the people around you.It's the power of a person. That's the respect you need to have for yourself. If you have this approach to yourself then others will do the same.

Imagine that some things do not interest you. Things that were important in your life. Imagine that it is so easy to go. You will hurt yourself with it. What you need to know is that you can not bother yourself with these things. You can come up with something that's not common to you. You will have ideas in your head that can hurt you even more. 

Believe me, it happened to me. The guy I liked had gone and I never found out what made him do it. Of course, that's when I said to myself all the worst thoughts. Maybe I'm still doing it. Who knows??!

Look at this picture now. Read this story. Imagine yourself in this environment. Imagine this happens to you.

Who cares? Why be interested in who to say something bad about you and who to comment on. It's your life. If you wait for a message from that guy, so what? Maybe I'm waiting for the results of my last exam? Maybe I wait when my mom will tell me that dinner is close and I go home? Maybe I'm waiting for them to talk to me about a job interview? Maybe I'm waiting for some new product package?

I repeat it again, it's your life. Do as you think it is just. All people will look from their side as they think it is. If their life revolves around you, do not let your thoughts circle around theirs.



Hi there!

Should I say healthy breakfast first???!

Here you go.

For dough you need:

200 gr flour (spelled, wheat)

100 ml of lukewarm water

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon of sea salt

1/2 baking powder

Mix flour and baking powder. Add oil and water and put your dough well. Leave him a little to stand, then stretch it.

Develop it as you can. On a millimeter.

Beat the dough with olive oil, and then sprinkle with what you want. I used a big sea salt, a kim, a zoo, and a sesame.

Cut the dough with a knife to the eighths and put the plough in the oven. I waited 210 degrees for fifteen minutes. During this time, I started the cheese that I stayed with yesterday, those who are in the limitation can put fresh mozzarella. Or even a young cheese with a little tomato sauce.

And everything in the heated oven to dissolve a little. With tomato sauce and added chilli, because I love hot. And a little oregano.

​Whoever does not want this kind of pizza combination, along with these crispy tortillas, can eat anything: sour cream, crispy, zucchini, eggs .... Choose!



Hi my guys!

As in the first picture you can see, the day was spent with my friend. We decided to spend the day at the best place of excursion in the city. Of course, we did not sit on decks and barbecue. We just went for a walk and stretch our feet-6 km. When we talk about outfits,I always put on something like this in this place, something comfortable and easy. So I came to show you something from my closet.

I put on pants I bought in a stradivarius, Stradivarius is an international women and men clothing fashion brand from Spain owned by the Inditex group.

I love this design pants and I love not having zipper. Also there is a basic black New Yorker t-shirt and a tights with squares. H&M allowed me to find my coat and scarf right from their line. And of course I would not be crazy if I did not wear white adidas shoes in the middle of winter.

So, here is some photos of todays little shoot. I'm telling you honestly, comfort is here!



Things you will need today:

200 g of oat flour,

2 eggs,

240 ml of milk,

1 tablespoon coconut oil,

1 tablespoon powder for biscuits,

½ teaspoons of sugar,

¼ teaspoons of salt.

What you will do next:

Mix dry ingredients.

Bite the eggs in a special bowl and mix the rest of the wet ingredients.

Mix wet and dry ingredients.

Bake in a pan over a little oil until golden on both sides.

When finished, lubricate them with chocolate spreads. If you want a healthier option - pour a little lemon juice and add your favorite fruit or peanut peanut.


I have to emphasize that in the diet I practice, fruit or peanut butter is not used, but if you want to put it. It's all up to you.

Extra step: If you want your pancakes to be special, you can add pieces of dark chocolate or pieces of dried fruit to the mixture before frying.



In the previous blog I wrote that I had lost 27 kilograms before. I posted the blog because I wanted to say something more about it to everyone reading. But look what happened. I got up this morning and, to my great surprise, I got messages on my email address.I can not believe that people took the time and sent me a message. There was not just a review message but a support message.

If you're wondering why I'm surprised, I'll tell you. First of all, when you go to my profile you can see that a small number of people are following me. What is normal, because I'm not known and I just made my blog. Do not think I want a lot of people who read it regularly. I want those who mean reading the blog I'm posting, and what's pleasing to them because we can make a connection.

After I saw this morning in the email that there are many who read and regularly follow the blog, I was positively surprised. Then I visited the statistics of the blog and that made me stronger.There was boys as well. I do not know about you, but it's a big success for me. It helps me keep going on with what I do.

I wanted to say today that I will listen to all those who wrote to me since last night.

I will write about my diet, tips&tricks and daily updates.

The basic thing about my diet is to eat a lot of things, but just keep an eye on time and watch out for bad things. Here are most important information you need. All of them you will see in next blogs.You can immediately forget about sweets, snacks and juices.Also fruit, white bread and pasta. In the morning you drink tea from the plants, then you have breakfast and after that you can have coffee. But the most important thing is to follow the time of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The distance between these meals must be 4-5 hours.For breakfast you eat everything that can be done with black flour, buckwheat, barley, oat, spelty flour. Lunch and dinner are made up of many proteins, of course, meat. Also vegetables are basic every day.

After I read the messages, I decided to postpone the recipes. That's what people asked me to do..They, like me, believe that recipes will help those who want to lose weight or just eat interesting healthy foods. Someone may like that way of life.

See you soon!



​Hi there!

As I said earlier, today is my first day on the diet. I was always nervous and happy on the first day. Nervous, because I know that in front of me is a period of a lot of renunciation and pain, nervousness above all. Happy because I finally decided to give myself a chance to lose a lot of kilograms. I know I will do it this time!

I tried to reach the desired weight many times. I was able to lose up to 27 kilograms and then get back to the old one. I do not care what I eat, I do not mean it and I'm relaxing.Then I get fat and the pain is back in front of me.

I started today.

I will do it!

This time I have all of you with me.

The most important thing for me during the diet time is green tea.someone drinks a glass a day while I can drink a liter.As in many things in this you must have a limit. One glass is really enough, you do not need to drink anymore. What I'm doing is wrong  but I'm so okay with that so I'm not trying to fix things. 

I will tell you some of the benefits of green tea. 

1. Green Tea Contains Bioactive Compounds That Improve Health.

2. Compounds in Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function and Make You Smarter.

3. Green Tea Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance.

4. Antioxidants in Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Some Types of Cancer.

5. Green Tea May Protect Your Brain in Old Age, Lowering Your Risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

6. Green Tea Can Kill Bacteria, Which Improves Dental Health and Lowers Your Risk of Infection.

7. Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

8. Green Tea May Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

9. Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk of Obesity.

10. Green Tea May Help You Live Longer.

I think that this one on 10 is the best one. Who would be happy with living longer?? 


Hope you will have nice day and one cup of green tea.



​Finally fridaaaaay,,,,,

I just came here to say that I finished with exams today for this semester. I'm super happy because rest is something I need the most in my life. From now on I will do more things and prepare better posts for blog. I also deacided that I will go on diet so you'll see tricks for loosing weight soon as well. So,have a nice weekend everyone. Enjoy. Love.

PS- What is friday night without girls sleepovers. NOTHING.