Mamma och jag gjorde tillsammans en "Bamboo Ladder". Har sett dem här i de flesta inrednings butikerna. Men vi gjorde en egen som jag tycker blev snyggare än de som säljs, plus till halva priset! Om du vill göra en likadan kan du följa våran process

1. Vi köpte två 152x 2.8cm och två 200x3.5cm bamburör. Vi torkade bara av dem med vatten.

2. Ställ up de längsta rören i den  position & bredd  du  vill ha,  och markera vart stegepinnarna  ska  vara. Tänk på att det blir snyggast att ha samma avstånd i mellan stegen. Rita ett sträck där du vill att pinnen ska sågas.

3. Kapa av vid markeringen. Repetera med alla steg-bitarna.

4. Använd ett hamparep, eller något annat rep med fibrer, för att knyta pinnen till basen. Repetera två gånger per steg/pinne.

5. Sandpappra kanterna åt samma håll som fibrerna i bambun (annars spricker den)

6. Klä den!

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Hello everybody! Felt like typing in English today;) Today I bought a calligraphy pen. It's called " ZIG Calligraphy Pen 2-3.5mm Black" I think calligraphy looks very classy , and therefore wanted to learn it myself.

(I assume that the pictures above are made with a "calligrphy font" on the computer)

After my attempts  on calligraphy, I have discovered that it takes a lot  of time  and  patients   to increase your  calligraphy skills . Also , if you're left-handed   like me, you might struggle even more. The  majority of the youtube tutorials are  dedicated  to right-handed people. However, I tried   to mirror the motions of a right-handed person. The problem with that might be the natural feeling and  the angle of the tool. From own experience  (40min),   I would recommend  to start with a brush pen. It looks like a paint brush, and feels like one too.There are also calligraphy tools, specifically designed for lefties.

Now  i'll continue my practise and improve my calli' skills:)

See  y'all!



I woke up by the pilot screaming hysterical in the announcements, water had started to leak into the hull, and it weighed down boat.

“ What´s going on Katherine?,” My brother asked.

“I don't know Luke, just try to keep calm,” I answered, but I thought it was little stupid to say that in this situation.

Bong! The boat had crashed into a cliff and more water flooded in. I squeezed my brother's hand. I was afraid. I could only see water in the window. My brother looked into my eyes and I saw that his that he was frightened. The boat slightly tilted backwards and moved towards the deep of the ocean. Were we going to drown? This was a nightmare.

Everyone was in panic, Including me and my brother Luke. The exit doors opened and the salty ocean smell filled the passengers lungs. Babies from the back cried along with their mothers, fathers holding tight around their family and helping their son or daughter getting life jackets on. I managed to get mine out and was about to put it on, but Luke hadn´t got his out yet.

“Luke where's your life jacket? Why aren't you wearing it? I shouted.

“Katherine, I have my own it's just that it´s stuck in here!” Luke shouted back as he tried to pull his life jacket out. I push my life jacket to his chest

“On, Now!” I said in a crotchety tone.

“No Katherine, It's your life jacket!”

“Luke, stop complaining and do what I'm telling you to!” I yelled. Luke looked out the window and put his life jacket on. The waves started to get higher on the ocean.

“Luke let´s get out of here, I don't want to be in here when it sinks,” I said checking the time on my watch: 5:43 pm. I put my watch back into my backpack in the same pocket where I took it from.

“Katherine, what's really going to happen with us? Will someone rescue us something?” said Luke as he also took his backpack from the floor swept it off and looked worried. I didn't answer his question, instead I hugged him. This is just a nightmare, you will wake up and you will still be in your bedroom.

At the time we came out from the exit door we got swallowed by a wave and were now in the water with fear and panic. Some lifeboats that had already been in the water had broke as the powerful wave had pulled the lifeboats into the side with strength. I grabbed a part from a currently destroyed lifeboat in hope not to drown. The wave splash over my head and the bitter salt taste filled my mouth. The wave brought me away from Luke and I could not longer see him. No we need to stay together.

“Luke, Luke!” I screamed but got no response. The salty water made my eyes twinge and get blurry.The boat was now halfway under water and it was a competition on getting out. What if Luke was still there, fighting to get out. Right then I thought I saw a brown head sticking up in the water.
“Luke I'm here!” I shouted, and two pixely brown heads turned and looked at me.

“Katherine!” Luke shouted back. He started to swim towards me looking like a little dot. The salty water in my throat made me cough.

“Where are you?” my voice was weak and my throat was hoarse. A light blended me and all my eyes could see was a thousands of red-white blurry dots.

“Katherine a boat!” Luke screamed and pointed at the giant red-white blurry boat.

I tried to move my arms in a chance to swim towards Luke and the boat, but I couldn't. I could barely lift my arms. I tried to scream instead but my voice was weak and I had no chance getting attention from a boat big as Mount Everest. Luke saw how impossible it was for me and tried screaming and waving in hope of getting attention. Luke got accompanied by two other boys or girls, I couldn't tell because my eyes showed whirl of colours. The effort it had taken me `screaming´ and moving was now influencing me and it made me throw up seeing all the colours whirling around inside of my eyelid.

“Luke” I whispered, “you don't have a chance.” I was right because the boat was faced towards the red glowing horizon, and it gradually disappeared. The clouds were dark and full of evilness but the horizon was warm, welcoming and glowing. I shut down and closed my eyes and the black darkness overwhelmed.

Hours later? I didn't how many, but the water was silent and peaceful. The sun was high and shone brightly on my back and the evil clouds were converted into white fluffy cotton candy. My clothes, wet and tight as if somebody had glued them on were uncomfortable, and made it more difficult to move because of the weight. The water was unexpected hot but still cooling from the sun. My throat was really dry I hadn´t drank in hours. I heard sound of oars on the water surface and turned my head around and saw my brother, alongside by a long haired blonde guy with a burgundy coloured t-shirt lying 38 feet away, on the edge of a lifeboat looking exhausted.

“Luke, Luke I'm here!” I shouted in excitement. The chocolate-brown hair headed lifted his head and looked at me.


I swam towards them with my legs and one arm because I held and dragged the piece of oak wood after me. I didn´t know if I was suppose to laugh or cry. It was awkward to swim in slow rate towards a boy I never met and my brother, looking at me just waiting for me get to them. Luke splashed water on me as he jumped on me. He hugged me for a long time.

I missed you Katherine, alot ” he whispered.

I missed you more” I whispered back. We released the hug and looked into other's eyes, randomly we started to laugh. It felt good to laugh with my brother. It was hours, maybe days since I last laughed. Everything had just been so serious. I crawled up inside of the boat giving my hand to help Luke. I nodded secretly in the way the guy sat wanting to know who he was. The guy notice and introduced himself as Oliver. His voice were soft and relaxed, his eyes were icy blue and he had long blonde hair. We all three sat in the boat looking on each other trying to receive what happened last night. The silence felt awkward.

“So how did you guys get into the same boat?” I asked trying to keep the conversation. Oliver looked at Luke as if the question was to him more then himself. After a moment of silence,oh.

“Well your brother was swimming around anxiously not knowing what to do. I where in the boat seeing him struggle, so I helped him up into the oak boat and he told me about you, that you disappeared and the waves separated you to. We just drifted away and when we woke up we were nowhere on the ocean.” Oliver said looking into my eyes. He opened a rusty hatch and picked out three bananas.

“ Want some? I'm starving” Oliver asked kindly tossing me and Luke a banana. My stomach rumbled, and it was an empty hole in it. I peeled my banana, ready to eat it in one bite.

“Did you know that bananas are the only fruit containing amino acid, and have high vitamin B6 and vitamin, A, B1, B2, C, E, K?” said Luke in a scientific tone.

“Well, that sounds good” I said and we all laughed together. I that moment I had forgotten all about that we were nowhere on the ocean inside a little lifeboat. Lost not knowing how to ever get back.

The sound of a bird crocking took me to the reality. I chewed the last bite of my banana as I pulled my bangs out of the way.

Wait, what? I looked up to the sky, baby blue and cloud free.

Not a single bird. I intensely looked around.

“ What´s up Katherine?” Oliver asked.

“ Did you hear that?” I asked.

“ What?”

“The crocking bird noise,” I said turning my head around for any clues “but I can't see a single bird.”

Luke and Oliver started to look around, also searching for the animal that had made the sound.

“What if it was a fish?” Oliver joked. I didn't laugh.

“Okay, not funny but what the matter if a bird crocked?” Oliver wondered.

“I wanted to see in which direction he flew, he might had been flying towards land..” I Explained irritatedly.

Or, what if the bird never flew across the sky. What if the bird is still on land” Luke said thoughtfully.

“Luke, we are in the middle of the ocean. No way that a bird's crock would reach all the way to us.” I said in an explaining tone.

“Katherine don´t you get it? There could be an island a few hours of rowing away.” Luke said excitedly. The crock sound hit us again. We listened in silence and I felt my hope increase.

“What are you waiting for?” Oliver laughed “let's make those hours of rowing start now, or otherwise it will get pitch-black before we arrive.” said Oliver and started to attach the oars.

“Uhm..but what direction? You mean we should just start rowing in a random direction?” I questioned Oliver. He looked like had forgotten something really important, and he looked fixed.

“Well, the crock came from that direction he said” pointing with his index finger. It was our only information to go with. Oliver and I took turns rowing, because it required a lot of effort, and Luke was only 10 years old and had not very much arm strength.

We heard the croaking sound a couple of times after our decision of looking for land, but we had rowed for hours and the stars were now shining on the dark night sky. We decided to rest for a bit. I laid uncomfortably on my back watching and counting the stars, thinking about how this all happened. The night air was moist and fresh and the moonlight gave a spooky feeling.

“You know that humans used to follow the stars a guidance when they traveled the sea.” Luke said looking up to the stars as if they were the most fascinating things in the world. My head was empty and the night breeze made me shiver.

“I know Luke, it's fascinating how clever people can be without technology and google maps. ” Oliver agreed.

The water surface was blank and mirrorable. I bent my head over the ceiling, and two pale olive-coloured eyes stared back at me. My brown hair was a mess and the salt had made it slightly curled.

A violin tone sang in my mind and I could see the notes when I closed my eyes. Trees appeared and birds started to sing along the melody. I opened my eyes and everything was gone. It was like if someone had turned the volume of the world off, because I could hear nothing. What I just had seen and felt was my own imagination. For me it works such as a pray to myself, and it sometimes delivers hope and creativity. I knew that if we would have rowed a couple of hours more, we would probably have found an island to settle down until we would get rescued. We could have been three out of those people that drowned, but luckily we didn´t. The little rusty hatch in the boat only contains half as much food as were there in the beginning, and in a day or so it will be empty.The stars can't shine without darkness. Things we do have consequences, good or bad and sometimes we don´t know. How many more nights I would lay here watching the stars, hungry or not? I couldn't tell, but However long the night is… the dawn will always break. - 365 days of wonder.

By: Filippa Sjögren



Har startat youtube  nu! Brukar ofta filma vloggar  med min kamera som jag sedan redigerade i imovie.       Jag   la aldrig  upp , jag hade dem  bara  på min dator.   Jag hade en kanal sedan innan , som jag använde för att prenumerera , gilla och kommentera osv.   Och nu så har jag laddat upp en video, men mer kommer...  heter " filippa sjogren"  och  det finns en länk  under bilden., ifall någon vill kolla in♡



Beställde dessa godingar för bara två dagar sedan! Super snabb frakttid på "sportamore". Köpte mina för 599kr! Jag tyckte det var billigt för dessa skor som är så populära! Har en länk till dessa skor jag köpte " här" Om du är ute efter ett par svarta nike skor så borde du kolla in sidan för de har en STOR rea just nu!

OXOX   (​detta är inget sponsrat inlägg)



Regn, regn, regn & ännu mer regn...

Idag har det BARA regnat. Hela dagen ... Idag har jag varit inomhus, mest kollat på youtube , bloggar , kamera utrustning ect . Har dessutom träningsvärk i vänstra vaden sedan igår, när jag körde interval träning .

Skillnaden för mig , att springa distans och intervall är . Intervall, känner jag mig starkare och snabb (som det hela handlar om) mera "tränad". För efter tränings passet väger bena bly . Distans , känns mer som jag njuter av att vara ute och när jag kommer hem ,känner jag att jag vill tillbaka nästa dag. Blir mer pigg och inte lika energilös . Typ fräsch och välmående.

S-Märkerna hjälper som tröst mot det dåliga vädret  iallafall;)♡



bikini underdel/ H&M  BIkini ToPP/ HOLLISTER I

​Inverterade en ny bikinin medan vi var i Malmö. Köpte underdelen på H&M 80:-( länkat i bilden) Annars kan du klicka HÄR . Överdelen köpte jag på Hollister 129:- Hittade ingen länk till exakt den jag har, Men hittade en i samma model klicka  // ​LOVE IT!!