I'm Sofia, 29 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I used to work with events and sales back home in Sweden and had a great career and I owned a lot of money, had my own apartment, great friends, a lovely family and a "normal life". Suddenly something happened and I just felt "Is this it?". My whole body and my heart was looking for something else so I decided to follow my heart and in two months I booked my tickets, quit my job, rent out my apartment and told everyone that I'm leaving. I left Sweden in the end of March to follow my heart, to go traveling and for the moment I'm living in Sydney. I'm a person who is filled with creativity, energy and dreaming big for sure. I've a lot of strong visions and I love to feel alive. I'm laughing a lot and that's something I believe in, it makes you so much happier in life. I also feel a lot - and I think that I'm thinking too much sometimes, b

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