, Hey, im back again with my 2nd entry now, hope you guys liked the first one and im gonna try to update my blog more frequently, i promise!

today im in the mood for A Throwback story , its raining outside so there nothing much to do , exept to write of course. this story brings us all they way back to when i was just an 8 years old girl back in 2011, and before i start telling you my story, just saying you can thank me already for my family being alive, im pretty much a hero.

we were staying at one of our favorite safari camps , naibor, as its called, and as i remember it this was our first safari in the masai mara. i was really exited to be there but at the same time scared as hellllll!!! one of the first things they tell you when you come to a safari camp is the safety rules, and that started with "don't leave the camp boundaries by yourself, never walk alone at night ( always have a masai with you), always bring a flashlight, check through the tent windows before opening the tents, etc etc" wouldn't that freak you out aswell???, hearing it for the first time spooked me up, making me think that around each corner there would be a lion ready to jump me or a hippo about to trampleme , but after awhile you realize its just the basic safety rules you need to know.

we were staying in the masai mara for 4 days, and on the 2nd day there we decide to bring breakfast with us out into the savannah, we would go on our morning drive and then later stop somewhere for breakfast. we woke up at 5:30 am and put on our warm clothes since in the mornings it can easily be under 10 degrees. there something special about being the first ones out in the park, you see the sun come up, the animals are back on watch , as its in the mornings when most the hunts happen and then in the afternoon the predators go back into the shadow to rest,

there is just another feeling in the morning drives, its more alive.

when going on a safari i think your aim is always to see the big 5 (lion,buffalo,elephant,leopard, and rhino) but its rarely that you will see all of them, especially the rhino and leopard, but for us on our first safari after the first 2 hours we had already seen everything except the king of it all, the one and only mighty lion, but we decided to find a nice place to eat breakfast and then continue looking after we had eaten. our guide had recommended a spot for us to eat at, so we started driving towards it, but when we were around 100m away from where he said we were gonna be eating, i swear on my life i saw a lion, i shouted lion and we stopped the car but as soon as we did, it was gone. i tried convincing my parents and the guide that i saw a lion but no one believed me since it had just vanished, witch was really strange. i started thinking that it was just me hallucinating, but still a small part of me knew that there was a lion there. 2 sec later and we were already at our picnic site, my parents and our guide started packing up the chairs and tables and brining out all the food, but right before i was gonna get out of the car a thought hit me, "NO", i sat back down in my chair and refused to get out of the car, i had gotten my mind set up on that a lion would jump out of the bushes behind us and kill us all, so my little 8 year old self made everyone pack everything up and get back into the car (bossy??), when everyone had gotten back into the car i explained to them exactly why i didn't want to die , (the new toys were coming out next week, of course i had to be alive then!!), and then made us drive back to where i last saw the lion.

we came back and there was no lion there, but it didn't make sense, how could it disappear so quickly, i told them that we should take a quick route through the picnic site and THEN i would believe that there wasn't a lion . we drove around the trees and the plains not finding any lions, but then as we were gonna round the last group of bushes, we turned a corner and BAM!!!!, there it was. one huge male lion with two females aswell as cubs. "I TOLD YOU" i *whispered as loud as you can whisper when trying to still be quiet since my excitement came over me. I HAD JUST SEEN MY FIRST EVER LION, and low key low key saved my whole family, but most importantly, MY FIRST EVER LION WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!! i went around for the next few weeks thinking i was a hero and had magical powers to spot lions, later those thoughts faded as more and more of my friends started experiencing around the same things, but at least it lasted while it did....

The rain is starting to clear up and i think I'm gonna go out to get some fresh air, i hope my blogger fans like my posts and if you have any comments or suggestions, just write them down bellow. this was anyways one of my favorite memories from this one long journey i have had so far, but this story has to end now so, like always, untill next timmeeeeee, im out

-lots of love, F.armtoft

(The picture of the lion in the middle was one of the newborn cubs that my brother got to name "simba" and we are currently watching him grow up)

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