Put A Belt On It

You might already know about my obsession with white shirts but I don't think I have talked about my obsession with belts. Belts can transform your outfit, belts can hold up your jeans, belts can make pieces look better and sash belts can become scarves. My point is the belt is an accessory that can do a lot of things and that's why I have a whole collection of skinny, wide, sash, chain, obi and corset belts in my closet. The main reason I haven't shared this before is because it hasn't been a trend for a while (other than the corset or lace up belt) so I haven't been feeling it. But hopefully this is about to change because I miss my belts.

You might have seen my about moving my blog and I am working on it at the moment. If you have tried to use my adress http://fashionpsychic.com/ then that's why, my domain is being redirected so if it does work you will come to my new unfinished blog.

Today I'm wearing a pair of boot cut jeans that I cut off (yesterday..) and I paired them with my favorite white shirt, a fake leather obi belt made from a pair of pants and my Vagabond pumps that I love so much. I also added a pair of gorgeous gold earrings from Lindex.

Now this is a catwalk.


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Snyggt som vanligt! Och Prinsen fÄr vara med!!!
Tack! 😊 Absolut! đŸ˜»