Holiday Party Outfits: Printed Party Dresses

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Printed Party Dresses

Today it's all about printed party dresses and I'm showing you two outfits with two different dresses. When I think about dresses for the holiday parties, printed dresses are usually not included. Today I am including them and it's likely you already own something similar. Whether it's a floral print, stripes, leopard or plaid, with the right accessories you can make it work.

The basic rule to make this look work is to add as much glamour as possible. Give your hair an elegant updo or Hollywood curls or maybe add a hair accessory, add some glitter eye shadow or a red lipstick. But most importantly (if you ask me), add lots and lots of jewelry. Rhinestone jewelry would be my first choice, but pieces with feathers and sequins will also do the trick.

Two Printed Dresses

For my two outfits I have chosen a green floral print dress and a dark blue dress with stars. The blue one I have owned for years and the green one was purchased this year (by my mom, for herself, read more here.) For makeup, I choose a silver eye shadow with a hint blue and green in it and a warm nude lipstick.

Floral Print Dress

Starting with the floral dress, I chose to pair it with black accessories and jewelry. I chose a draped statement choker (that I wore on Christmas last year), simple black stud earrings and a hair accessory with pearls and rhinestones. For both outfits I chose simple black tights and my pointed sock boots. If you want something extra you can choose something less basic, like glitter tights or metallic pumps.

Star Print Dress

The second outfit has a more bohemian feel, which I love. This dress works during every season and it works just as well on Christmas as it does on New Years. I have always loved black or blue pieces with moons and stars (preferably velvet with gold embroidery, sequins and/or glitter) and I have another piece that I'm planning to wear in a coming post.. But for now I paired this beautiful dress with a bohemian rhinestone headpiece that I made, believe it or not, from a sandal (flip flop.) The earrings I also made using some rhinestones, wire, glue and ear posts. The necklace is an old one after my mom.

- Frida



Love the dresses! 😍