Cropped Pants In The Cold 6 ways

As I mentioned yesterday It's so frustrating when you want to wear your spring clothes but it's just to cold for some of them. One of these are the cropped pants and so I decided to create outfits with different ways of wearing the cropped pants in the cold. I might do similar posts with other items so feel free to comment if you have any ideas!

This first outfit involves cropped flare jeans and knee high boots. You can wear tights underneath the jeans if you need to and no one will ever know. I also incorporated another spring or summer piece; the dress and pairing it with jeans is really trendy right now.

The second outfit also involves boots but instead of knee high boots the're thigh high boots. With these boots you don't need tights even if it is cold. I wore the boots underneath my cropped jeans from Asos and paired it with a polka dot blouse.

In the third outfit I'm wearing culottes and these type of pants works just as well with pumps as they do with thigh high boots. I paired them with my oxfords and for that extra warmth I wore a pair of socks and this is a perfect outfit for fun printed socks, metallic socks and colorful socks in ankle length or knee length. I realized that didn't have any fun socks when I planned this post so I went for simple black socks (but I really want metallic socks.) If this still is too cold then I would find a pair of skin colored nylon tights (preferably in a shade similar to your skin), wear them underneath the culottes and the socks, and no one will ever know.

In this forth outfit I'm wearing cropped black pants with a tight fit and I paired them with pumps and nylon socks. With this outfit you can also wear your nylon tights underneath the socks if necessary. If you don't want to wear nylon socks you can also wear lace socks or fishnet socks.

The fifth outfit involves fishnet tights (but you can also go for nylon tights in black with a print or not) and pumps and I paired it with cropped jeans. This outfit is perfect when you want to wear your pumps when it's a bit cold. And once again if you need nylon tights you can wear them underneath your fishnet tights.

The sixth way to wear cropped pants is to pair them with ankle boots or mid calf boots with or without tights. This you have probably seen me do a lot with my favorite zip up booties, but if I had sock boots I would probably wear those instead.


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