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MONDAY We started this day really early, and my Monday was spent styling outfits for both our webshop shoot but also for a film we are shooting this weekend. After work I stopped by Hanne, as Dejan and Hanne just got engaged! Ahhh, EXCITED!!!!! So we had to do a little wedding research, while we had some pizza and sipped some wine.

TUESDAY Tuesday will probably be the same as Monday, and we need to get everything 100% done, so we are ready for shoot day on Wednesday! We have to make every clothing piece into a look, so it's ready for the studio on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY If everything goes according to plan, this will be our first shoot day for Cavour.co :) I'm excited! As I've mentioned before, I have a very strong vision of how I want it to be so hopefully everyone else will like it as well. It's kind of nerve-rackin, I have to admit.

THURSDAY Thursday is the only day this week I'm not focusing on Cavour.co, so I'm guessing it'll be all about emails and the rest of my to do-list.

Friday is shoot day! We are shooting friday and saturday, and hopefully, we'll be done after three days. We probably need one more day in september, since we haven't recived everything. I'm guessing I'll be tired after this day so I don't have any plans for friday night other than relaxation!

Do you have any nice plans this week?

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Have a great week and keep up the good work!<3

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