the last couple of days

Various pictures

Good mornin! I'm currently sipping coffee while following the US election .. I haven't stopped by my blog the last couple of days, since I have spent all my energy at work. I'm trying to get more balanced again. Last week I've started doing yoga every morning, which felt amazing so I'm going to keep doing that. My mornings are pretty much all the same, but my afternoons and evening are never alike so yoga just fits into my mornings. How are you?

Been dressing sort of casual mixed with nice shoes lately. I'm a fan of fall season, but I'm not a fan of all the freaking rain?! Ha ha. I don't really own practical shoes. Gotta buy myself some rain boots..

Speaking of practical shoes, I've been drooooling over these amazing babies for a while now. Maybe a Christmas gift for myself? You can find them here.

This is nothing new I guess, I eat a lot of cinnamon buns, haha.

Yesterday my kitchen was finally set up! Not 100% though, since some parts are missing. I can't believe that it has been something wrong with every delivery from IKEA, haha. I've got one counter top extra, and four missing pieces. Other than all the wrongs and all the miscommunication, I'm very happy. It looks good. And I can't believe I now actually can have all my kitchen stuff in the freakin kitchen and not in my bedroom and office, haha. Such a luxury!

I've been picking up some vintage goods the last couple of weeks. I've spent the last weeks going through all my stuff, and also getting rid of a lot of things. I love shopping at the vintage stores I also give things I don't use anymore to, it feels that life becomes full circle, haha. These pretty coffee cups became mine last weekend!

Other than that, I've just been at home and at work, like one should these days. I will do home office as much as I can and try to just stay at home. I'm always snuggelin up at home either way, so I'm good. Haha.

Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say hi! I'll show you more of my kitchen very soon