my kitchen (aka my frustrations)


Good morning you guys! Ah, soon it's just a week left until the rest of my kitchen arrives. I still haven't heard anything from the company that's going to install it even though I've reached out several times. Ikea has somewhat stepped their game up, but Montera is still useless. I would not recommend using them. There is little to zero communication and it seems like it's just one person that works at their customer service ... So what do you do when that ONE person is not answering? Haha. It's quite hopeless, to be honest. I can't freaking wait for it to be done because then I'll never ever have to deal with Montera again. I was supposed to be contacted two weeks ago regarding setting up the rest of my kitchen and it just... silent. I try to email and I just get responses like "Sorry for my late reply, I have been sick the last week" or "Sorry for my late reply, it's been kind of busy" .. Which is fine - but not when the rest of the email doesn't answer anything?! I need answers to my questions. This is quite common with them I've heard, so just don't use them if you're fixing up your kitchen. Just don't - trust me. Haha.

Hopefully soon you don't have to hear me complain about this, haha. So cross your fingers that everything will go smoothly!

So, it's thursday and today I'm starting my day bright and early at work. We are having a staff training with all the employees together with Kolours Jewelry, which will be in store and online at Moniker very soon! I've worked with Kolours at Høyer back in the day and they have some really nice pieces so I'm excited :) Did you have a good week so far?