Just wanted to stop by and say hi, and to let you know that I have taken some time away from the blog, as you may have noticed. For 2020, my main goal is balance, which means that I also need a couple of hours each day where I don't work/think about work. For the last ten years, I have put all I've got into work and I want to continue that way, just with boundaries. I will give my all and more when I'm at work, and then actually relax and have fun when I'm not.

My blog has always been a hobby since I've had a full-time job all along, but at the same time, it is a job. It has always felt like something I have to do and the last year I've felt like everything I write and post is just going on repeat. So, I've decided to try to not feel pressured to post something every day. I know that is all "in my head", that you guys probably don't expect me to post something every day. So, 2020 will mean fewer posts, but hopefully also better posts.

I hope you had a good start to the year?

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