hello pariiiii

Two snaps from earlier today

I'm currently at the hotel room in the Paris, after a full day of buying. Today our flight was little bit earlier than last week so I've been up since 05:15... A little bit tired indeed! We are going home tomorrow night already, and I think we arrive at the airport around 23:30, so I'll update you more on thursday when I'm back in Oslo. Today it's been raining like crazy here, but we have been lucky because we have been mostly inside or in a Uber when it has been the craziest. At the moment we are working in bed while sippin on a glass of red each. Very nice ending to a hectic day!

We'll see if we have time to snap my look and some snapshots while we're, but as last trip confirmed, my experience is that there is barely time to do anything beside work. Remember to follow me on Instagram here, so you can check out my stories when I'm away.



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