Good morning! I'm sitting here fresh out the shower, just sipping on my coffee. Not going to lie, today was awful.. It's getting so dark in the mornings already, and that just makes it a million times worse getting up. I'm heading in quite early today for a meeting, so gotta go get ready real soon.

brown faux fur here
tea cup here
burgundy coat here
pillow here
long beige coat here
side table here
checkered coat here
gold mirror here

I feell like fall season does this to all of us - put us in a shopping mood! I suddenly feel an urge to go shopping, and I usually never crave new clothes. I'm very content with my wardrobe, and then fall comes and I feel like I need new knits, delicious coats, new interior, scarves etc... I've actually tried the jackets above in store and I'm trying to figure out which one to get. The faux fur will be amazing for the coldest days, but I have similar ones so I'm actually thinking more about the long beige coat or the burgundy one. What do you guys think?

Oh, and the side table would look amazing in my livingroom! I want to have plants and books on top of it. Have a lovely thursday!



Love all this!<3

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