I remember back in the days when I made a post about almost everything that I bought? I actually don't know what's changed, maybe I don't really shop that much any more or maybe it's more normal to just show it in a outfit? Ha ha. But, one thing I do know it's that you guys usually like when I snap some pictures of what I've bought and since Cavour Woman will be the best shoe store in Oslo (our shoe department will be insane) I will probably upgrade my shoe wardrobe a bit. Now that Hanne is getting married next summer (I'm not sure if I told you?! So excited!) I also have a reason to buy new shoes, and that's always a nice feeling, ha ha.

How gorgeous? 

Earlier this summer I copped these beauties from Giuseppe Zanotti. They are insane! I actually didn't like them that much until I tried them on, and when I did I became obsessed. I knew I had to have them in my life! They have the tiniest kitten heel, which means they're very walkable. I actually haven't worn them yet, but I will probably wear them tomorrow when we have the opening event for Cavour Woman!



Girl, First of all this shoes is life on its won!! i love how youre so yourself and you can really see it throughout your post! keep it up and great content by the way! 😊 Feel free to check out my blog and give me some tips! xoxojuliechicstyle.com/
Beautiful shoes!!<3

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