curtain UPDATE

Lifestyle, MY HOME, 2020

I've never really had a thing for curtains until recently and now I can't stop, haha. Last year, or maybe it was early this year, I finally put up curtains in my livingroom but back then I was just keen on getting something up and didn't really bother to do any research or even finding out what my curtain style is. So the last months they have been bothering me a lot since it was the wrong height for the room and also the curtain rod was black and I quickly realized I don't really like black and pink together haha.

So yesterday my usual handyman stopped by to help me put up a ceiling track for the curtains instead. Above is what it looks like without curtains, which is what I looked like for 3,5 years here. I can't believe Hanne and I never bothered to get curtains haha. It looks so weird and sad without?

Sorry about the bad photos, I can't find my memory card.... So had to shoot these with my iphone in bad lightening! Now I only have to choose which color I want? I had the green one before, but added the minty blue ones yesterday to see if I liked the color. And I kind of do? Some of my Instagram followers mentioned that they like the green one more because it adds more contrast, and I kind of agree with that as well. What do you think?