These were my January-nails! So sorry about the late update, but I figured that I'll show you either way. I'm sort of addicted to a few colors with clouds, eyes, flowers, and hearts on them these days. Haha. I think I'll do red next time (I'll show you the ones I have now soon!) just because I saw a picture of me with red nails and missed it so much. I feel like red nails just fit me. Red goes with my style and I've never worn something and thought that I should have had another color than red. It just goes with everything!

So today it's Monday again! I slept in a little bit because I woke up with a headache, but hopefully, that'll go away soon so I can have a good day at work! We have a lot do to for sure. I actually need some new clothes though, because I sold a lot of my closet without really buying anything new.. Smart move, I know. But now I have probably a little bit less than I should have, so the goal for 2021 is to fill up my wardrobe with fun and amazing pieces again. Also bags! My green Wandler is the first bag I've bought in almost 3-4 years??? Very much not like me at all. So that's gonna change. How are you liking 2021 so far?




mitt tips <3


Those nails are so lovely!