Last time we tried to make a Harry Potter based fashion statement (basically every Halloween since about 1998), we ended up with a garbage bag tied around our shoulders, a lightning bolt scar drawn with lippier, and a twig from the backyard clutched in our hands.

So from now on we're gonna be leaving it to the professionals, as someone seriously magical has been busy with the Crafty-atus curse (whey) to create this magazining Harry Potter prom dress of our DREAMS.


Etsy wizard RoobyLane has clearly got at least a bit of magic in that sewing machine, and has fashioned the super cute sleeveless dress from fabric printed with the actual first chapter of The Philosopher's Stone.

If you stick your HP glasses on and squint a bit, you might be able to spot mentions of the Dursleys and Dudley, as JK Rowling sets the scene for Harry's miserable life in the muggle world to start with. But as a diehard Potterhead, you obvs already knew that.

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We're still waiting for the day that someone rustles up Hermione's periwinkle blue gown from the Yule Ball in the books, but until that turns up in Primark then we'll trade all our Chocolate Frog cards to get our hands on this beaut.

Also quite handy if your Kindle battery runs out, now you come to mention it.



You can also pick up a Daily Prophet scarf and err… a Marauder's Map sarong, which is something we never knew we needed 'til now.

Is this the dress of your HP dreams? Would you actually wear it, or would only a muggle be seen wearing the chapter of a book?


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