Hello! Hope you’re having a great week and keeping warm in these horrible cold days but this sudden temperature drops means only one thing, Christmas is coming so soon and I am getting all excited with the pretty light and vibes that are in the city! Although the weather is playing up I try to keep up with London fashion all the time. If you’re a Londoner I guess you’re not scared of any weather and never dress appropriately but fashionably to compete with the other, who needs a jacket or a coat not even talking about hats and shawls, London has always been a capital of fashion and people tend to dress in fashion rather then to keep themselves warm.

Plaid collections keep coming into the shops and me as a fashionista keep getting another garments with these prints although my plaid blazer I showed you before here. It’s super cool and looks amazing literally on everyone. Plaid patter reminds me of a little flamboyant kid from the 80’s wearing a flat cap and a vest going into school and being pictured on a sepia pictures – that is my understanding of plaid pattern. And what does plaid remind you off?

Faux leather patent skirt is the way to go! It definitely plays the main role in this look doesn’t it just?? My one comes from Bershka. I was hesitating in getting dark green colour and black one but as you can see the choice was made and I chose the green one. It’s super cool and I absolutely love it, looks great with boots, or even heels with the tights for the colder days. Spices up the total look and it’s my favourite skirt right now. Sun isn’t out but the legs definitely are but why not, let’s play up with fashion we live in London and let’s be honest it is all about it. A city that never sleeps with constant changes to the fashion way of being.

Since the dark shades as my skirt is need a bit of brightening up, my mustard flower print shirt from Bershka looks great and matching colours in this look was the key to make this look so good. Sleeves with the long strings hanging are super cool and making this shirt unique in a way It made me purchase it on the day. Arm candy is the thing right now,and at any case you’re a fashionista you know you should stack up some gorgeous bracelets on it. Why not take the inspiration from my gorgeous jewels by Annie Haak? I know you’ve seen them before but each of them is a unique one and the way you could take one or two off it makes for a totally new model right designed by yourself. Have a look at the website and you might find a treat for yourself right before Christmas! Why not treating yourself with a gorgeously decorated box they have now in offer for Christmas.

Python bag called and inspired by a famous ‘Capri’ in Italy is a lovely addition to this look and brightens up the ‘blacks’ in this look a lot.

What do you think about this look? How are you getting on with the Christmas preparation? If you follow me I am sure you know I am going away this year to Italy! I can’t wait till I ski and have an endless fun in the snow!

Have a fantastic weekend and speak soon.

Love x

Paulina x

​Jacket : Bershka

Shirt : Bershka

Skirt : Bershka

Shoes : Bershka

Sunglasses : Chloe

Bag : Capri

Bracelet : Annie Haak



wspaniala stylizacja !❤️❤️❤️
Dziękuje Mała!❤️
Wyglądasz przepięknie!
Dziękuje Ci bardzo! Buziaki kochana 😍
Mega look! 😊 Idealne zestawienie!
Dziękuje bardzo! Cieszę,ze się podoba! ❤️❤️❤️

The jacket looks really nice. But also the whole outfit is very well done.
Podoba mi się to, że look ten jest uniwersalny. Chętnie zmodyfikowałabym go troszkę pod swoje potrzeby. 😉