Hey guys! Hope you all have had an amazing week and you enjoyed reading my latest post.

On the weekend after busy week spent in the city we usually like to go away for couple of days and just relax by the seaside. This time we decided to go to our well known place in England called Eastbourne. It’s on the east of Brighton and it’s approximately 40mins away drive from the capital of UK seaside cities! As we were leaving London the weather seemed amazing and we thought we can wear a light clothes as it was still summer so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about dressing warm as it’s “Summer”. But living in the UK taught me a lot and you should always take extra layers with you on the side.. And this time I wasn’t wrong of predicting the weather. As soon as we were reaching seaside the weather dramatically changed and suddenly started being cold, windy and moody outside. Good job we took our favourite Parkas with us. It helped a lot to stay warm and dry while it started to drizzle. Water resistant Parka London which my partner is wearing is an ideal piece of jacket that is light, windproof and just ideal when the temperatures outside suddenly started to drop (Wind sometimes can cut you through, even though it’s still showing a lot of degrees of celcius) it’s called a wind factor and this jacket is just perfect. He looks good in it, parkas are to make your body look slimmer, longer and definitely more stylish. It’s a perfect addition to the everyday styles. As a couple you shouldn’t really be wearing the same colours of clothing when you’re out together as it just looks boring – to me at least. Hence I wore my favourite red Cotton parka by Gloverall which has nicely contrasted between us and I think we look good together right?! Who thinks the same hands up! My parka has functioned exactly the same as my hubbys, kept me warm, dry and most importantly I came back home with no cold or flu to prepare this post for you! On the bottom I wore my brand new skinny boyfriend jeans by Zara. As soon as I saw them on the shelf I saw few girls standing behind me trying to literally pull them off my hand and take them so I assume they are now sold out! I am a big fan of boyfriend jeans and I hope the upcoming collections will be brining a lot more of them to the stores! Zara stylish shoes to contrast between the Red jacket – navy always goes well with red-ish gamut. Even though you cannot see much of a sun on the photos I still had my sunnies by Chloe as an addition to the total look. Hopefully you like the idea of a couple shoot post and enjoyed reading!

P.S Location of the photoshoot is the Marina in Eastbourne – a definitely worth visiting place – offers a lot of restaurants with a good food and so worth going for a walk around the area.

All the photo credits to Marcel G Photography who spared a minute to shoot with us.

Love x

Paulina x

Hubert :

Parka : Parka London

Jeans : Allsaints

T-shirt : Allsaints

Shoes : Converse

Watch : Tag Heuer

Paulina :

Parka : Gloverall

Jeans : Zara

Blouse : Topshop

Shoes : Zara

Belt : Gucci

Sunglasses : Chloe

Watch : Daniel Wellington

Bracelets : Annie Haak



Genialnie ! 💋
Dziekuje bardzo! ❤️
Parka bardzo mi się podoba 😍❤
Dziekuje Ci pieknie! ✨
Love these parkas and love these shots! Great post!
Thanks so much Julia! Really kind of you that you took few minutes to have a look at it! Kisses x Paulina x