Hello! My journey with visiting capitals in Europe hasn’t finished just yet. Recently we jumped on the train and visited Amsterdam. This iconic capital is different to every single one I’ve been yet to! Walking along the canals of Amsterdam make this super vibe in the city. Countless same looking streets full of joy of people sitting and enjoying their food and drinks has left a good and positive vibe in my mind after visiting Amsterdam, and I know that I will be back. Especially to have this bike ride all over again around the city centre to feel little bit like the locals except me speaking Dutch…

You can probably imagine me looking and wearing only pretty dresses right? No, not always.

When I Amsterdam I decided to blend in a little with the locals by wearing a little bit of a streetstyle outfit for change. Denim dungarees with a skirt finish in denim blue colour paired up with yellow top all from Stradivarius. Yellow tulips as a decoration! For the three days I stayed in Amsterdam I bought probably more flowers then I buy in a month living in London. They’re just way too pretty and we couldn’t resist getting bouquets. While I was rushing still being in London I forgot to pack my sunnies with me so I took the opportunity and visited shopping centre in the heart of Amsterdam seeking my favourite pair and I was lucky enough to find this last pair on the shelf in Stradivarius. Popular shape of the shades that are almost sold out everywhere. They had them in white but also in red so if you like these go and have a try and get yours.

Whether it’s a streetstyle or a casual look Annie Haak stacks fits them all. Gorgeous dreamcatcher from the latest collection is my all time favourite along with the other bracelets that come in that Foxtrot bracelet stack is the best for everything.

Classic Chelsea watch with a brown leather strap ideally paired up with my jewels. James Derby watches are perfect for the summer outfits. Named off one of the best a most exclusive areas of London Chelsea and looks as exclusive as it sounds. Have a search and browse your favourite model on the link below. They have also amazing choice of mens watches so maybe it’s time to treat your man with a classic watch.

Summer tiny bag for the smallest needs paired up with summer platform sandals are also from Stradivarius! I can honestly say I randomly picked some clothes to show you this outfit and it ended up being a total Stradi Look!

What do you think about this outfit? And have you ever visited Amsterdam?

Let me know what you think.

Love X


Total look : Stradivarius

Watch : James Derby London

Bracelet Stack ( left hand) : Annie Haak

Bracelet Stack ( right hand ) : Annie Haak