Hello! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying these first days of sunshine in London! I hope it last now forever and the run up till summer will be easy for us all! I honestly can’t wait to wear pretty girly dresses all day long. Before summer commence I am soon off to some exciting places that I will be sharing soon on my Instagram but also on my blog too! My actual biggest dream is coming true … long awaited trip to Bali is now happening and I can’t be any happier then I am at the moment! I just hope you all have now planned all your trips abroad and maybe in case you’re staying in the UK I wish you will have the greatest time no matter what!

With this post I would love to share some excitement as to be honest this is one of my greatest collaboration I have ever had with a brand. I had a pleasure to create content for Diamonds 77 - the most beautiful and purest diamonds in choice of your design, available at any style of your choice. A jewellery that gorgeous it does not necessarily have to be worn on special occasions but the idea is that they are diamonds jewellery that can be paired up with any style for any occasion. Myself and my photographer – husband, of course we tried to show these beautiful pieces off as much as possible and so they look as gorgeous on the photos as they do in real. As every woman loves their gems I could honestly not resist looking at them every five seconds, they’re so pretty and in such classic design that you could be wearing them all day long. Below is the example what I have had in my mind when pairing these up with a fresh look you could be rocking around in the spring/summer. My gorgeous dress from French brand Sezane in flower print paired up with wedges and a brown leather Sezane bag. An example of a classic look that look so good with the beautiful contemporary classic diamond jewellery.

Myself and 77 Diamonds have created something special for all my and their followers for the launch of these new pieces, a link with the exclusive early access where you can view the entire new Primrose collection and order your favourite pieces. With every purchase you make between 30th April and 6th of May you will also receive a special surprise gift when you buy the diamonds of your choice. This special offer will run from today till the 7 of May and I hope you will love it as much as I do. 


Once again I feel very privileged to be the first one to show you these how beautiful they are and most importantly to announce that diamonds are everyday and forever and not just for the special occasions! Browse your favourite and keep wearing them proud!

Let me know what you think about this look with everyday diamonds I chose! Very curious about your opinion.

“…Diamonds are forever, forever, forever….” And woman’s best friends too! Who’s with me?!

Love x


Dress : Sezane

Bag : Sezane

Shoes : Cara Shoes

Diamonds Jewellery : Primrose Collection



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