Hello! Hopeyou have had a great bank holiday weekend! In case you have missed my storieson Instagram with regret I had to inform that we did not make it to Bali due tothe unforeseen circumcisions and I was super upset however we decided not togive up and stop just because of it! We have gone away for a few days anddecided to work on all our collaborations that we supposed to work on shoot onin Bali. We have had intense 5 days of work but with amazing results too. Tooka short trip for camping in the seaside and to be quite honest it was my firsttime camping but that end up being amazing and I can’t wait to repeat that insummer more and more! Have you ever tried camping though ?! if not you shoulddefinitely try – it’s a unique and great experience!

Talkingabout this outfit – I have got a little bit of inspiration from the 70’s when choosingand creating this look – these glasses are the perfect reflection of the glassesused to be worn back in the 1970’s! For Art’s Sake (FAS) are the design andluxury Italian brand selling all the beautiful luxury handmade eyewear withboutique in London at the famous Covent Garden. Recently worn by allcelebrities and famous bloggers around the world I was super privileged to beinvited and meet with the team behind the FAS and been gifted these amazingpair of sunnies for my looks and trips! You surely can notice how amazing theseare and how they bring and bright up this look.

Loose threequarter pants paired up with a loose white bright shirt from Zara with a shortsleeves and gorgeous sandals all by Zara – of course my favourite store for alloccasions – no doubt about it.

My latestobsession with brand from Paris – Sezane has no limits. I could literallybrowse and browse through the website and would have picked EVERY SINGLE PIECE!!!Honestly, the quality, attention to details and design so unique you want to haveit all. My latest addition to a wardrobe is this round bucket bag in brown leather.So soft you almost want to hug it and look how pretty it is and stylish. Youcan almost pair it up with any look and you have a guarantee it will look good.If you’re still looking for summer pieces head over to the Sezane website forthe greatest pieces ever.

With thechoice of jewellery I went light and chose not to wear too much but only theseamazing summery vibe earrings that although they look they are superlight and sleekand definitely full up the total look. Hair style tied up not to shade up theglasses.

What do youthink about this look? Did I do it right into the 70’s vibe or not at all? Leavethe comments below and another blog post from Poland is coming soon with a hintof a Polish summer.

Love xx

Paulina xx

Shirt : Zara

Trousers : Zara

Shoes : Zara

Bag : Sezane

Sunglasses : For Art's Sake



Very beautiful outfit 💕 and these photos, WOW! nouw.com/sonvas
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