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M.Y.O.B NYC is a brand from Brooklyn NY. M.Y.O.B stands for Mind your own business. Thi kind of makes me like the brand all the more. Their clothes and accessories are amazing and the brand has come to be one of my personal favourites. Its not a budget brand much like many designer brands but I'd much rather buy a few of their designs than put my money on let's say a prada bag. I could easily form a stylish and complete wardrobe with their designs alone.

They use black and white contrasts mainly in their designs and they accompany them with prints and their brand logo. What I like most about their style is that each garment, each accessory, can be used alone and with every other outfit or garment you have in your wardrobe. It will take your personal style to a whole new level and I dare say that merely by looking at their webshop you will be hooked. Here below you can check out some of their designs. It is a common brand used among the Tokyo fashionistas as you can see it being mentioned over and over by the style images at Tokyo Fashion's website.

These are some of the designs from M.Y.O.B that I would buy in a heartbeat:20141108_39ed4320140917_6a962220140917_fbf51120141102_f830f9Awesome aren't they? There's plenty more where that came from.

You can follow the brand here:

Official websiteInstagram | Facebook

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My new project, the online store Tokyo Everywhere, is progressing smoothly. It will sell second hand and vintage fashion, Japanese fashion, wigs, bags, eyelashes and e-books. You'll also be able to book me as a stylist, hairstylist and makeup artist. Once the business picks up I will bring in new things. It really is so much fun.

So far in the second hand/vintage category there are vintage Christian Dior glasses, leather jackets and cool dresses.

When it opens I will post the link here and my followers will get a discount. :)

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Wasn't Listening - Can't Help Youth

Crew neck pullover
145 SEK - etsy.com

FWSS summer shorts
1 985 SEK - youheshe.com

Duffy slim pants
1 600 SEK - jades24.com

Frye dark brown boots
2 325 SEK - zappos.com

Burberry brown tote bag
13 625 SEK - nordstrom.com

Monki round glasses
95 SEK - monki.com