Hello there..

In this blog post I will be sharing what went down on the first day of fashion week from my perspective. I woke up feeling excited to be attending fashion week in Berlin for the first time, but also very overwhelmed and since I did’nt really know what to expect I started to provoke my imposter syndrome and all the thoughts of I’m not good enough to be here started to kick in which by the way is so stupid but I really can’t help it. As I mentioned before I was invited by to be apart of an ethical fashion campaign which includes a photoshoot. I felt as if I was’nt beautiful enough, wise enough, or even worthy enough to get such an invite. And this happens because I did’nt know what to expect from this event 🙈 lucky for me I had support from a fellow instagrammer who reach out to me in my DM on insta and lefted my spirit.

Well Lets get into what went down shall we?..

since my shoot with Mochni was at 14-16 I figured out that there was time enough on this day to go to Neonyt first. Neonyt is a huge global hub for future fashion and sustainable innovation. If you have ever been to Bella center in Denmark then its kinda like that, but just filled with sustainable fashion and other enviormenttal good stuff.

I had written to cool girl called Kim that I have been following on insta for about a year now and she had let me know about how things run at fashion week and that it could be quiet stressful if I tried to see and do too much. I had made it a priority to meet her and to hear a talk session at Prepeek that she was hosting with Clare Press from vogue Australia and Lisa trautmann from Beige. It was about fashion activisim very interresting. And Kim is even more beautiful and cool in real life. It was a 30 min talk, so after that we went around and look more on all the cool brands but it was so much to take in all at once.

I did manage to find some cool brands that I want to show you in a post by it self, so you can get a good look at the brands.

This place is mostly for businesses, like if you have a clothing store and your looking for new sustainable ethical brands to order from then you Can find them here. But its also good for journalists, bloggers and people who want to promote or learn more about sustainability in fashion, beauty products and so on.

I wish I had more time to spend here, but know that I know how it works I Will be better prepred next time around.

We wanted to grab something to eat before I had to go at Mochni for my shoot at 14:00 but Unfortunatly there was’nt time.

When I went to the Mochni conscious loft I had a little time to gaze around before it was my time to head out into the Streets of Berlin for my fashion shoot with a very talented photogragher and a fashion expert who had styled me for the shoot.

We even had a driver who drove us to our shooting destination. I was not wearing a hold lot of clothes, but for some reason I was not freezing at all I Think it was because I was so excited haha. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out..

After my shoot we went back to the conscious loft and I got dress again and took off.

It was now time to find somewhere to eat and again I choose to try out a restaurant that was recommend to me by a fellow instagrammer.

1990 Vegan living a vietnamisk resturant. The place looked super cool and since we had not booked a table we were told that we could only stay for 1.5 hours. We were shown to our table and was handed the menu with a piece of paper on which we could cross off what we wanted to order from the menu. At first we had no idea what to do or what to choose, so we just order something and see what came out..

The food was Yummy, but it was not the best I have ever had.

We then went to the movies. Fun fact we were here back in 2013 and decided to go back again and see Aquaman.. This place is so magical and there was some kind of new laser technology in

the Cinema that was even cooler than 3D and the sound was so good and the screen was one of the biggest I had ever seen..

Thanks for reading..

To be continued....

Synes godt om