Today we are excited because I have a post from Andrew White a head of Marketing of Loveawake.coman Alaska-based dating site. He is a recognized expert on online marketing and self-motivation. He beautifully explains in this insightful article that for any great achievement that every successful person has earned, they have had exponentially more failures. We hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as we did.

Everyone wants to become successful but nobody wants to fail. If someone was to ask me to list some of the most important keys to success on how to become successful in life, in that list would be ‘Be ready to fail’ and that point would be pretty high up in the list too.

The problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that failure is a bad thing and therefore we try to avoid failure instead of seeing it as an opportunity. Failure should never be seen as a bad thing and you should never be afraid to fail. The reason most people never even take action in the first place is that they are already thinking about failing. What if the relationship doesn’t work out, what if this business doesn’t work out, what if I buy this make money program and it doesn’t work, I’ve tried before and things didn’t work out so why should it this time. These kinds of thought are driven and motivated by the fear of failure and what these thoughts do is limit you so that you don’t take action towards the fulfiment of your dreams.

As long as you are afraid to fail you will never become successful, because if you want to be successful in life you will have to face your fears and take risks. I remember when I was putting together my first relationship event called “Let’s Talk Relationships”, I was afraid that nobody would show up to the event and that I would have wasted my time and money putting the event together. I almost let my fear stop me, but later decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it and try anyway, I was ready for the failure if it came but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Guess what happened, 40 people showed up to my first event, imagined if I had allowed my fear to stop me. Yes, 40 people isn’t a huge number of people but it was better than nobody showing up and it gave me the confidence I needed to keep going, knowing that people actually thought the event was worth their time and money and we had a fantastic time at that event. (most people never get that many people at their first event anyhow so it wasn’t a bad start for me, I have a friend who only 6 people showed up to his first event). What if I had allowed fear to stop me? I wouldn’t be making the kind of impact I am now making and touching the lives of people and making a difference in people’s lives which has always been my dream.

Failure is actually your friend, it comes to let you know that there are certain things you are not yet doing right, hence why you are not yet getting the results. So if you examine the failure and look at what you could do better next time then you will be closer to becoming successful. If you went a for job interview for example and you didn’t get the Job, instead of seeing yourself as a failure and giving up on getting a job altogether, why not assess how you performed at the interview, How could you have answered their questions better, How could you have sold yourself and your skills better so that you stand out from the other people being interviewed. Unfortunately most people never do that and therefore keep repeating their mistakes and keep failing. Learn the lessons failure wants you to learn by seeing failure as an opportunity to have your weaknesses exposed so that you can improve.

While it is good to fail sometimes, it’s not acceptable to remain a failure. Failure comes so that we can learn the lessons we need in order to improve and move closer to our goal of becoming successful. Failure is not meant to stop you, it is meant to refine and polish you, it is meant to make you better and more determined to find a way and to find a solution

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