Hi, my name is Fanny and i was born 6th October 2003, so right now I am 14 years old :)

And as you can see in my profile, I am going to blog about my life, but with most focus on my language trip the 25th July 2018, which I almost just booked!

I'm going to live in a host family for 3 weeks. And I will blog about as much as I can now before my trip, while I'm there, and after my trip, just to explane what I need to do before I travel, what we do during the days in Brighton, and afterwards,

I will tell you about how i feel about everything, and answer the questions I have right now that is hard to answer before your trip, Like, did you miss your family? Did you get any new friends? And other questions that nobody but you can answer. But just hearing out how other pepole who traveled felt about all that stuff can help to control your emotions, according to me.

But I am also writing about my trip because then I can go back and read about what i did, how i felt and so on, to remeber things better afterwards, and mabye laugh about how nervous I was before the plane lifted, and other things and emotions like that.   ​​​You know, like a diary. 

I'm super excided!

Anyways, have a nice eavning! 

xoxo, Fanny <33

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