bazzi babe <3333

I hate that we been so distant 'cause you know that I love you
Traveled thirty-six hours just to kiss you and hug you
You're so far, and all I want is to touch you
Smell your cheeks, you know the weird ways I loved you
And now we falling apart and it's killing me slowly
I'm not ready for another girl to touch me or hold me
We was more than lovers, you were my homie
Remember late, late nights, me, you, Anna and Kobe
I'm so obsessed with your spirit, I think that you need to hear it
You always doubtin' yourself, you way more than your appearance
I think album money made you
Beautiful, beautiful angel, perfection in every angle

Now losing you is so painful, damn

Ni måste lyssna på dessa två låtar!!! Jag där för hans röst!! Hans falsett ger mig rysningar. I ain't skipping a song on this album i alla fall.

Yes, I do, chillin' top floor with a penthouse view
But that don't mean a thing unless I'm next to you
'Cause money just money 'less I spend it on you
Next to me, when I'm with you, you bring out the best of me
God made you a twin, but you the one I see
But shoutout to Elisha, that's my baby (yeah, yeah, yeah)
But if I wrote you a love song, would you sing it?
If I needed bail out of jail, would you bring it?

If I win, then we're up, if we fail, then we wing it

puss, fanny



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