2 songs that makes my heart skip a beat

Strawberries & Cigarettes

Remember when we first met?
You said "light my cigarette"
So I lied to my mom and dad
I jumped the fence and I ran
But we couldn't go very far
'Cause you locked your keys in your car
So you sat and stared at my lips
And I could already feel your kiss

Next day, nothin' on my phone
But I can still smell you on my clothes
Always hoping things would change
But we went right back to your games

Have you ever been in love?

You know I keep a collection
Of my misplaced affections
The thought of you keeps grabbing my attention

Have you ever been in love?
I don't think I have, I don't think I have

Jag känner så mycket för dessa två låtar, ta er tiden och lyssna. You won't regret it. Delar med mig av mina favorit känslomässiga delar i båda låtarna. Längre fram ska jag dela med mig av min spellista som jag lyssnar på ALL THE TIME just nu. Wow den är så sjuk, no joke.

puss, fanny



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