Why Cyprus is an Ideal Location for Property Investment?

Cyprus is an island of almost infinite variety; an island with 10 000 years of legend and history with places of great archaeological importance.
You will discover a world of alluring beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination, citrus groves and old stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café.

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, uncrowded beaches and warm unpolluted seas, Cyprus is a dream holiday destination for many Western Europeans. It is also an ideal location for property investment, whether you're looking for a second home, somewhere you can buy-to-let, or a place to retire in the sun.

But why should you choose to invest in property in Cyprus over other destinations such as France or Spain? Put simply, property prices are significantly cheaper in Cyprus, compared to anywhere else around the Mediterranean. Whereas a detached 3-bedroom villa overlooking the Mediterranean on the Spanish coast might set you back 180,000 euros or more, a similar villa in Cyprus is available for under 100,000 euros.

According Scala website - Properties in Cyprus Not only is property in Cyprus good value for your money, but it is a sound investment too. The area is currently experiencing a property boom, with growth potential over the next decade set to offer a good ROI. If this isn't reason enough to invest in Cyprus property, the cost of living here is one of the lowest of any country bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Prices of supplies and organic produce are substantially less than in the UK, and are often of comparable or better quality.

Warm sunny weather, bargain property prices & phenomenal growth potential - what more do you need? Cyprus is the ideal location to invest in property!

Standard and cost of Living

Cyprus provides a fairly high, European level standard of living. The overall cost of living averages about 1/3 to 2/3 of most parts of Europe, Japan or the USA. The relatively low cost of living in Cyprus has an added appeal for the potential buyer, offering a full, but comparatively inexpensive lifestyle. Resent statistics pointed to Cyprus as one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe.
The local markets provide a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish of incredible prices and Cyprus’ modern hypermarkets and groceries are fully stocked with a very large variety of both local and imported goods. Therefore people living in Cyprus can live relatively comfortable with a much less monthly income, compared with living in other European Countries.


The modern city of Larnaca is situated in the south East of the island. A pleasant town with a harbour, both for freight and passenger traffic. Also known for its Marina where one can find yachts and sailing vessels from around the world. The main International Airport is also located in Larnaca just 4km to the south. Larnaca is known for the most delightful and picturesque promenade on the seafront, called Finikoudes in Greek. Also visitors and residents alike can enjoy an iced drink at the sea front cafes with breathtaking views or swim the Mediterranean blue sea.
The salt lake (near the airport) will interest bird watchers in winter as it is visited by flamingoes and other migrating birds.
Larnaca has much to offer both of historical interest and natural beauty.


Second largest town in Cyprus, industrial center and chief exporting town. Center of the wine trade. Best know for its nightlife, though hundreds of hotels and restaurants cater for all tastes and budgets. In Limassol town center is the Medieval Fort where Richard the Lion heart is thought to have married Berengaria of Navarre. Just outside Limassol are two of the islands’s most important archaeological sites, Amathus to the east and Kourion to the west. Both sites were ancient city-kingdoms. The Graeco-Roman theatre at Kourion is in a spectacular setting with breathtaking views of the sea. Also at the Kourion are a number of rooms with beautiful 5th century C.E. mosaic floors. At Amathus you can see, among others, revealed parts of Acropolis and Agora areas. On the mountain slopes of Limassol are the picturesque villages known around the world for their excellent wines, including the famous Commandaria. Also everybody is invited to the islands best known festival ‘The Wine Festival” which is held annually in Limassol in September with various wineries offering free samples of their products for ten days.


Paphos is situated on the Southeast coast of the island, sheltered from the north by the Troodos mountain, Paphos enjoys the healthiest all year-round climate on the Mediterranean. Today Paphos is a very popular coastal sea resort.
Also Cyprus Government has invested in irrigation dams, water contribution works, road infrastructure and the building of Paphos International Airport. Also the introduction of a new Marina situated in Coral Bay area (under construction) will be the biggest in Cyprus , and one of the biggest in the Middle East, serving more than one thousand yachts.
The town of Paphos is included today in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of World Heritage, such as Petra tou Romiou, legendary site of Aphrodite’s birth, Paphos harbor with its ancient castle, Dionysos wine mosaics and wonderful antiquities.
Paphos is truly a great town of Historical significance.


Famagusta is situated on the eastern coast where the Cypriot weather is always at its best. Where one can find peace among the golden sandy beaches and rugged cliffs of the surrounding coastline. The attractive scenery includes the small fishing harbour of Ayia Napa, also the famous Medieval Monastery with its 16th century church which is situated in the heart of Ayia Napa, and of course the windmills and small churches in the surrounding villages. The town of Paralimni with its sea resort of Protaras has long golden beaches and the coast of Cape Greco with its unusual rock formations nearby will particularly impress.
At present are two new Marinas under construction, which will bring a great increase in high quality visitors in the areas of Protaras and Ayia Napa. One Marina will serve 350 yachts and the other for 650 yachts with a platform for incoming and out going yachts to all the Mediterranean marinas.
Protaras - Ayia Napa have become the most popular summer resorts in the Mediterranean and an ideal retirement spot for anybody who wants to experience culture, natural beauty and genuine hospitality of local people.

History of Cyprus

When you visit Cyprus, you follow in the footsteps of historical giants from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra to the apostles of Christ. Throughout history important leaders have seized upon the strategic location of the island, at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, in forging and defending their empires. Cyprus knew periods of tumult as it came variously under Assyrian, Egyptian, Roman, Islamic, Byzantine, Crusader, Venetian and Ottoman domination, but the inhabitants always remained singularly Cypriot.

It was in the late Bronze Age that Mycenaean Achaeans came to Cyprus, establishing the roots of Greek civilization now more than 3,000 years old. Copper was the hot commodity of the age and trade links were established with Egypt and the Aegean islands. The love goddess Aphrodite had a growing cult of followers. A sense of continuity with history is the most distinct Cyprus signature, from evocative temple ruins that blend naturally with the landscape to contemporary crafts and festivals that take their inspiration from antiquity.



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