What Type of Pod System Is Right for You?

Vape Pod Mod systems are steadily on the rise in the vaping community, and they’re gaining popularity by the month. They have exclusive features and benefits when compared to other vaping system counterparts.

They’re fun, good-looking, and effortless to use, but it begs the questions:

What kind of pod mod systems are there? What are pod mod systems exactly?

Below, you’ll find all the information you need on pod mods. After reading this, you’ll have all the details you need to decide if pod mods are the right vaping system option for your unique needs.

What Are Pod Mod Systems?

Pod mod systems are vaping setups, renowned for their ability to deliver nicotine through the use of nicotine salt infused vape liquids. They are perfect for people who enjoy best selling epods

They come with some simple features, but they also have variations in between themselves. One thing that stands out with pod mod systems is the wildly different price tags. The price placed on a pod mod depends solely on their sophistication and features.

Pod Mod System Components

Pod mods have a straightforward selection of components often found in other vape systems.

There are replaceable pod houses, the Nicotine Free Vape Juice, coil, and wick. There is also a battery, a battery slot, and a battery indicator to show you how much power the vape has left. The battery is also changeable, and there is a charging port (usually micro USB).

Aside from this, the other features are relatively simple. There is a switch to turn on the vape and a vaping button. While components may vary with each pod mod system model, they usually consist of those mentioned earlier.

Pod Mod System Types

There are two main types of Pod Mod Systems:

Closed System

Closed system pod mods are the first ones that appeared. These systems require you to snap in a premade vape juice tank into the slot. They’re very straightforward, easy to operate, and require virtually no maintenance whatsoever.

Closed systems require a stronger “draw.” The systems are tiger, so a more rounded and abundant vape hit requires a more powerful draw. Closed systems might be the best option for you if you’re new to the world of vaping, and are looking for a simple way to get into the subculture.

Open System

Open system pod mods don’t require a specific premade vape juice cartridge. They come with refillable pods that allow you to refill the juice based on your nicotine and taste preferences. While these might be a little more work, they’ll give far higher rewards.

Using open pod mod systems allows you to modify the taste, aroma, and nicotine contents in your vape juice – which is, in turn, cheaper when compared to vape cartridges. Open systems give you a lot of freedom, and that’s why they’re best left to the more experienced vape users.

Pod Mod Variations

Pod mod systems come with a couple of notable variations between the types. Both closed and open pod mod systems can vary significantly based on a multitude of things:

Wattage control

Wattage control allows you to define the temperature of your vape hit. If you like your vape hit a bit warmer, you should turn your wattage down – and if you like it colder, turn it up.

Temperature control

The technology behind TC ( temperature control ) in vaping serves to maintain consistent temperatures when vaping. TC allows you to take a long drag/hit, without experiencing a burning flavor, through simple coil temperature regulation.

Button or draw activation

This is a pretty self-explanatory feature. Through this feature, you activate the vape either by dragging on it or pressing a button.

While these are some fundamental differences commonly found in pod mods, the differences don’t end there.

Nicotine is one of the most critical components of pod mod vape juice. This particular type of eLiquid often contains nicotine salts, which can be quite overwhelming for regular vape users.

The Benefits of Pod Mods

Unlike traditional vape systems, pod mods operate much faster. They heat up quicker, provide a quicker hit, and their use is generally more straightforward.

If you’re a seasoned nicotine user, pod mods are the ideal way to get your hit quickly and continue doing whatever you like. Open system pod mods allow you to combine the flavor and nicotine without much hassle. Making your unique DIY eLiquid is simple, and it’s even more straightforward when you’re working with a pod mod.

Pod mods don’t require much maintenance whatsoever, unlike traditional vape pens. Pod mods excel in their affordability, portability, and function.

Final Thoughts

Pod mods are popular now more than ever, and that’s for a good reason. Not only are they simple to use, but they’re also small, portable, and versatile. They’re the ideal option for more seasoned vapers and newbies alike.

One of the best things about pod mods is the variation. Closed and open systems aren’t the only differences that pod mods have – as there are all sorts of small details that make pod mods stand out among each other.




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