Pod Mod Vs Box Mods: Which One Is Better?

The rapid evolution in the vaping industry has kept vapers gripped worldwide. The past few years' remarkable advancements have seen a reduction in size, wacky flavors choices, and a spectrum of innovative accessories to elevate the experience. The increasing demand has encouraged companies to launch product ranges at competitive prices and endless flavor options.

The intention of many advancements and innovations in the vaping sector has been to replicate smoking in the best possible way. Pod mods tend to provide a competent performance in this regard, which led to these devices' popularity. On the other hand, box mods are a slightly bulky but powerful choice for vaping enthusiasts that provide a more intense experience. So, the obvious question arises – Which of these two popular mods is superior and suitable for your needs? Well, let us explore further to understand the right choice.

Difference Between Pod Mods and Box ModsBox Mods

Mods or Box mods, as they are popularly referred to, are modifiable vape devices in a box-like design. They utilize sub-ohm technology to provide an intense vaping experience. The mechanics are such that the device's core parts can be removed and modified for user needs. For example, box mods typically constitute a vape juice tank, wick and coil, and a battery. These parts can be replaced or substituted for achieving the required performance.

Box mods are driven by a higher power that increases the vapor quality and density as well. The ability to play around with critical parameters such as temperature and power settings helps improve the flavor and vapor size.

Vape mods are quite simple to use. They consist of a tank to store the liquid. Vapers can refill these tanks with store-bought juice or prepare homemade e-juices to their liking. The e-liquid consists of Vegetable Glycerin(VG) and Propylene Glycol(PG) base with some flavoring agents and nicotine. The PG to VG ratio is the most crucial parameter that directly influences the vaping experience. VG provides the density to the vapors, whereas PG improves the flavor intensity. Typically vapers choose a 30: 70 PG to VG ratio for optimum vaping performance. But they can also play around with different ratios to identify the right fit for them.

The liberty to tailor the vaping experience to specific needs is among the many advantages of a powerful vape device such as the box mod. However, box mods come at a slightly higher price range and are quite bulky as well. They consist of several movable parts, including the vape juice tank. It makes carrying around the device quite tedious as they will require a case to carry around. Also, box mods involve repetitive costs on e-juices, replacement batteries, coils, wicks to continue enjoying a good vaping experience.

Pod Mods

Vape pods are an elegant and sleek vaping solution for those looking for high quality, hassle-free experience. Their compact and slender designs have made them the popular choice for many novice vapers in recent times. Vape pods are intended for convenient vape-on-the-go usage. They are quite powerful compared to e-cigarettes or vape pens but are not as powerful as box mods.

Vape pods utilize the same technology as box mods by harnessing sub-ohm heating to create vapors. But the difference is that the petite design restricts the device's heating capabilities and reduces the liberty on temperature changes as well.

Pod vapes come in both refill as well as disposable designs. Their low temperature and high power requirement make them ideal for use with nicotine salts. Compared to conventional e-juices, salts offer an advantage of better throat hit without harshness. They also provide faster nicotine availability compared to e-liquids, which can decrease the urge to vape frequently. Thus pod vapes are an ideal choice for vapers switching to the habit to quit smoking as it creates a very similar experience as the latter.

In terms of costs, pod kits are considerably affordable and closer in price to e-cigarettes than box mods.

Which One Is Better?

Like most vaping choices, choosing between box mods and vape pods is entirely based on personal experience. There are several factors to consider while comparing the two systems to help make the right choice between the two.


For vapers who prefer devices that are easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere, vape pods tend to provide a little choice. Compared to vape mods that are bulky with movable parts that increase the chances of leakage and damages, pod vapes are slim and sleek. The evolution of vape pods has reached a point where small, smart vape pods with competent performance are available at affordable prices in the market. Their ergonomics and comparable performance make them a good choice for portable vape modules.


For advanced vapers, the ability to customize several vaping parameters is crucial for making a vape device choice. The liberty to work with variable temperature levels, switching between different wicking and coil materials, and, of course, utilize a wide variety of e-juices dictate the decision.

Vape mods or box mods can provide this level of customization that directly impacts the vaping experience. Vapers can experiment around the wattage, battery power, voltage, and temperature to optimize the device's performance to suit their needs. On the other hand, Pod mods provide only a ready to use set up that restricts any customization possible.

Flavor Profile

While pod vapes are an easy solution to carry, their power delivery may not be at par with box mods. Box mods can carry much higher battery power that creates the optimum heating to create a more pronounced flavor profile. If you don’t mind a little sacrifice on the flavors for convenience, pod vapes can be a good choice.


Disposable pods are the best choice for novice vapers to learn the tricks around the process. While refillable pod kits are a slightly more affordable option, they require regular replacement of the pods, which could be quite expensive. Vape mods are the best choice for regular vapers for long term usage as they are easy and cheap to refill.


These parameters of distinction can help you develop a better understanding of the two vaping modules. Utilize this information to compare the performance to your needs to identify the right fit for you.




The two of them have good features.

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