How To Make Your E-Liquid Look Amazing In 10 Days

We know vaping and E-Liquids are tremendously popular right now. There are so many different motivations behind vaping, and the addition of CBD vaping liquids pushed its popularity even further.

The market is growing by the day, and more people are opening businesses that want to tap into it. It’s very lucrative at the moment, and there are a lot of angles you can work to create a business that can benefit from the market’s strength.

There are a lot of outstanding e-liquids online, but how do you manage to push your product to the forefront and reach the customer base you are targeting? The answer is branding, of course, but not many entrepreneurs understand the process of creating a solid brand that has its own identity.

We’ll go through a 10-day process explaining how to get all the information you need to create a brand around your product.

  • Day One: The Purpose

Every product and service that we offer has a purpose. Sometimes it’s direct, like curing an illness, while in others, it’s something more abstract like making us look cool. In a lot of cases, a brand will encompass both a direct and abstract thing.

When it comes to vaping, you’ll need to understand that the community around it focuses on being chill and laid back, which is the image most brands rely on to develop trust. Being that both vaping for nicotine and CBD, or indeed THC when it’s legal, fit into this mold, it makes a lot of sense.

Depending on what kind of E-Liquid you intend to sell, you might want to put different variations on the general feel proposed by the market. You can also add various local-specific or culturally-specific twists on the classic formula.

  • Day Two: The Competition

It sounds ominous, checking out the competition, but it’s really not. It’s a normal thing, and being competitors doesn’t mean you’re direct competition. Still, new brands can learn a lot from successful and unsuccessful brands alike.

Checking out the competition includes identifying the competition, researching their design, public relations, backlinks (it’s an SEO thing, don’t ask), social media presence, and many other things. The goal is not to copy their approach but to get insights into which aspects made it work for them and build upon the knowledge you gather.

  • Day Three: Your Audience

One of the most significant factors in creating a suitable brand image is knowing who you are selling to and how best to do it. When it comes to your target audience, painting in broad strokes may cause lead generation to become very difficult to accomplish.

  • Day Four: Brand Statement

This is the slogan, the creed, the passion your brand is built upon. It should be direct, clear, and memorable. Remember that your brand statement should be a long-lasting thing – not something you change after a couple of months.

  • Day Five: Identify Your Selling Points

Every brand has its own thing that makes it different from the rest. Figure out if you are better at delivery, faster, more discrete, is your stock more varied? Any of these things can be an edge, and there are many more out there you can use.

  • Day Six: Find Your Voice

The way you address your customers and promote your brand is your brand’s voice. Is communicating with your brand friendly or professional, casual, or formal? Do you have a pushy or a more relaxed approach? Again, this should be chosen based on the audience you are trying to reach.

  • Day Seven: Thinking About the Logo

In most cases, you should get professional assistance when doing this. Coming up with a logo yourself will usually lead to a subpar solution. Still, the more input about your customers and products they have, the better they can do their job.

  • Day Eight: The Packaging

For e-liquids, this is a big choice. First, the materials used for the containers need to be done right as direct sunlight exposure damages some liquids. The color scheme is also a big choice as it needs to go well with your label and the packaging. A unified look is a big part of the strength of your brand’s presence.

  • Day Nine: Internal Branding

A company’s brand comes from within as well. The way you formulate your brand’s value will impact the way you run things. Also, your employees need to be aware of your values as a brand so they can know where to pay special attention and feel pride in the work they do to reach those values.

  • Day Ten: Marketing

This is a big question you will answer time and time again, but the initial phase is crucial. Figuring out the marketing approaches that will get you closest to your target audience is no small feat and should be optimized over time, but you need to know where to start.

This ten-day approach is designed to give you a comprehensive outline of the brand creation process. Each of these points takes more than one day to be understood and put into practice. A lot of independent research is required to create a unique brand from your e-liquid product.