How Do I Know What the Right Dosage of CBD is?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming more popular now. Yet despite its fame, there are many questions still surrounding this hemp-derived cannabinoid. What is the right CBD dosage, when should CBD be taken, is it safe to ingest, what health benefits can be gleaned from it, and many other queries.

These are all justified, of course. There are many prejudices surrounding not just cannabis in general but CBD products as well. Many studies have tried to disprove the more far-fetched ones but more work is needed to be done.

As a starting point to combat the unnecessary fear of hemp oil extract, being informed is the first step.

What Can CBD Do For You

CBD does indeed come from cannabis plants. However, it comes from a certain species called hemp that contains very low amounts of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the marijuana high.

This makes CBD oil for anxiety a generally safe substance. You can even take the WHO’s word for it, as they released a memo labeling it as such.

But what is this hemp oil extract good for and what makes it so effective according to its many avid users? For one, CBD has many healing properties. These include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

It can help relieve mild to moderate symptoms and ailments.

From headaches, joint pains, relieving anxiety, sleeping better, to gaining more energy, CBD’s got it all. The best part? There are practically endless products you can take your pick from.

If you want to try something new, safe, and considered a gift from nature, hemp oil is your best pick. Be sure to do thorough research first if this is your first time.

The industry is fairly young and hemp byproducts are largely unregulated. Keep in mind that while a lot of users vouch for a good dose of CBD oil, the FDA has not approved any product. All statements regarding its effectiveness have not been evaluated nor endorsed by the governing body.

CBD Benefits

Hemp oil is good for many things. Some take them as a supplement in the form of tinctures and pills. Others as topicals to relieve swelling, aches, and other body pains.

And there are other, more unconventional ways of taking CBD as well. CBD gummies for pain, freeze gels, and lip balms are some of the latest trends on the market.

According to studies, CBD is effective because its structure on the molecular level is said to be similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This means that it can help with both topical and internal afflictions.

That being said, one of the most popular uses of CBD is for pain relief. However, it is not only limited to this.

CBD oil is also used to boost the immune system to fight off germs, bacteria, and viruses from entering the system and causing more harm to the body.

It works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, a natural system of nerves in the body, to be more receptive to good hormones such as serotonin. In turn, the user feels more energized, healthy, and overall great.

Right CBD Dosage

Here comes one of the most asked questions regarding the wonder cannabinoid. What is the right CBD dosage? The simple answer is that there really is no universal, correct CBD dosage.

While CBD capsules may come in convenient pre-packaged softgels, that isn’t to say you can only take one pill once a day.

There are several factors to consider when doing the guesswork of CBD dosage. Things like body weight, the bioavailability of the product used, the frequency of usage, the type of CBD — using full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate — and the amount of CBD oil used.

Though a serving size could be suggested on the label, it is really up to the user’s discretion how much they want to take.

Certainly, certain precautions must be observed. For example, those with delicate medical conditions should consult with a physician first before taking any dosage of CBD oil.

High doses and concentration of CBD could also have slight side effects like lightheadedness and IBS but they don’t last long and are quite common to first-time users.

How Much CBD Can I Take?

In general, any dose of CBD is good. Even mixed with food and drinks, it could still be effective. Higher doses will probably get you the desired effects faster.

There isn’t a problem with overdosing as there has been no case recorded so far of anyone taking too much hemp oil extract. 50 mg (milligrams) of CBD is not much so you could double or even triple dose.

It is best, however, to start off slow and go steady. Gradually increasing the amount of product a few days apart for each intake is probably best. This is so you can become attuned to your body and its reaction to the cannabinoid.

When you’ve become accustomed to it, you can up or lower your intake depending on the results.

For pregnant persons and those with complicated medical histories, take extra caution. CBD for pain is organic and considered a supplement.

The products are not meant to replace any prescription medication nor are they intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any pre-existing condition. Be sure to only buy from reputable brands to ensure the safety and purity of the products.