Basement Repair Signs That You Should Know

Basement flooding is one of the main problems that can damage your home. It might result in mold growth and foul-smelling indoors which could eventually destroy your possessions. Nonetheless, basement waterproofing can resolve the issue with the help of house repair experts.

We found Lee’s Summit services, particularly as basement repair local builders for your home repair solutions. Read on to get to know how they work to upkeep your house’s best condition.

Most households prefer doing the repairs by themselves however it might just be turned worst. Hiring professionals to ensure 100% satisfaction could be better.

To determine whether your home needs basement repair, it is best to know the possible signs.

Four Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

1. Moldy Basement

Molds can grow in different areas of the house in multiple types, commonly indoor. If overlooked, it can cause damage and health problems because of its smell and compositions.

Mold growth can occur due to many factors, such as using organic materials like wood and fabric. It can spread in a basement when no action is taken immediately.

To solve the problem, waterproofing systems can help to prevent mold. It is costly and a very efficient remedy for homeowners.

2. Flooded Basement

Rainy seasons can trigger flooding in your basement. It is so frustrating to deal with and also unsanitary. However, fixing a flooded basement becomes easier upon distinguishing its causes.

It can happen because of leaking issues on windows, pipes, and walls. And one less common cause is external flooding.

Keeping the basement dry and clean is possible with waterproofing solutions depending on your need. Lee’s Summit works with experts for your home not to experience basement flooding again.

3. Plumbing Problems

This one could be the most common sign there are basement problems. It can bring extensive flooding and damage to your property that requires immediate action.

Let professionals check on your home pipes whether there are leaks. Also, the sewage backups to see possible clogging or blockages. It is nasty work but Lee’ Summit got your back.

Plumbing issues do not only demand waterproofing but also drainage solutions. Make sure your plumbing system is in good condition at all times to prevent further damages.

4. Sump Pump Failure

The basement is highly prone to flooding or leaking. That being said, sump pumps play a vital role in keeping the water out of the area. A failure with the equipment can ruin the entire room, together with all its stuff.

Sump pump failures are normally because of wear and tear. It can only last for up to 12 years with proper maintenance. Another reason is due to a power outage which is common during rainy days. The equipment can also be clogged by debris not be able to deliver the best results.

Continuous checking of the sump pump is necessary to ensure it is functioning as it is supposed to.


In summary, homeowners should identify the signs before calling local builders to give solutions to basement damage. Get in touch with Lee’s Summit to obtain waterproofing solutions for your basement.