7 Best Ways To Cure Muscular Pain

When we talk about muscular pains, one tends to think of strenuous workout as the sole cause spontaneously. But the truth is that such is the anatomy of living beings that one may never understand which move or action might get them a sore muscle.

Therefore, it's essential to not only take precautions while you are at it. Nevertheless, you can also try our ingenious remedies to help you combat the pain, if ever sustained.

What Causes Muscle Pain ?

Muscle pain, aka myalgia, is a prevalent condition experienced by many in their muscles at some point. While there’s no single cause of muscle pain, leaving it uncured can cause immense discomfort and even worsen the condition.

Some common causes of Muscle Pain include:

  • Overusing muscle during exercise
  • Muscle tension buildup
  • Muscle injury
  • Skipping warmups
  • Chronic fatigue
Meditation- the ultimate savior

It won't be hyperbole to say that more than 90% of human problems can be cured by meditation. Meditation is one technique that maps its roots to superannuated ancient history and enjoys an exalted reputation amongst the youth of today's world. It calms and relaxes your mind, as well as your body.

When you feel stressed with a muscle pull or pain, try and lie down in a comfortable posture, focusing on your breathing. An April 2011 study of Wake Forest University, conducted by Fadel Zeidan, also suggests how wonderfully meditation can help provide harmony to your otherwise pain-stricken mind. You can also find umpteen sources of guided meditations that can help you relieve the ongoing tensions and, thus, aid the healing process.

Taking proper rest/ sleep:

We all know the benefits of taking adequate sleep. Not only it improves our cognition, but it also helps in rejuvenation. A sound sleep of at least 8 hours amounts to a healthier lifestyle- both mental and physical. Proper restful sleep allows your body to carry on the cell-regeneration process and heal itself while you lay peacefully. Thus, adopting a disciplined sleep routine in a quiet and comfortable space, with a strict 'no-gadget' policy, can let you enjoy a speedy recovery without doing much in exchange!


Everyone's body structure is unique. Some respond to medicines quicker than natural healing methods. The so-called 'pain-killing' medicines are the next resort that you can turn to. Numerous over-the-counter medications like Anavar cycle can provide instant relief to your trauma and stimulate healing. Most of these medicines work without causing any side effects. But it is always recommended to consult your medicine man before popping a pill.


Among those who are new to exercising or those involved in a high-intensity workout, sore muscles are common. But this doesn't imply that one should call it quits. A complete shutdown of that body part's movement can worsen the case and delay healing.

Instead, a carefully managed movement of that particular muscle may help to recover. Therefore, you may discontinue the activity that caused the injury in the first place but be mindful of staying into action with some light exercises like yoga, etc. Considering strengthening your core is also a good idea.


For those who mistake stretching for exercising, here's an eye-opener. Stretching may well be a crucial part of exercising but stretching offers a completely different array of advantages. Stretching not only releases the tensions in your muscles and joints, but it also makes you flexible too. It is why most people feel muscle stiffness after a rigorous workout routine.

Thus, try and stretch the affected muscles after regular intervals, and the results would soon be evident.

Therapeutic massage:

The sheer joy of getting a massage by an experienced professional is inexplicable, especially when you have sore or stiff muscles. It calms your mind and puts you in a state of deep relaxation. It helps improve the blood flow in the body and ease up your muscles. If you wish, you can further enhance the experience by including a wide variety of essential oils and therapeutic oils to alleviate the pain.

Hot/ Cold packs

It is one of the most performed remedies for muscle pain. A study explains that applying an ice pack to the affected area can reduce pain and inflammation. And if the frozen treatment doesn't fill the bill even after three days, try switching onto hot packs for the injured area. This hot and cold therapy helps ease the blood flow and relaxes the inflamed muscle, making the affected area less swollen.

Extra Tip:

To add to the precautions, it is advised to get acquainted with your body's limits to decide how far you may push it. Don't overdo with high-impact exercises and miss out on the warm-up and the cooling down sessions.

Also, it is wise to stay hydrated at all times and take proper care of your diet as well and keep a check on your body weight as well as the posture.

And last but not least, focus on staying safe and enjoying the whole procedure.


All the remedies mentioned above should do the trick within a few days and relieve you of your muscular pain and swelling. But in case the problem persists, you shouldn't wait for any further and consult your doctor.




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