7 Best E-Juice Flavors To Try

There are so many different e-juice flavors on the market that it's challenging to decide which one is right for you as you can't sample them before you buy. So, how do you know?

The answer is pretty simple. First, decide which category of e-juice you want. Are you more of a fruity type of person, or do you prefer something that tastes like tobacco? Every vaper has different flavor preferences. A survey of vapers in the Netherlands showed the most preferred flavors among never-users and current-users. The survey indicated that non-users of traditional nicotine delivery systems preferred to choose from the menthol/mint (19 percent of 248 responses) and sweet categories, such as fruit (14 percent). Current-users chose the tobacco flavor category (30 percent), followed by menthol/mint (18 percent), and other sweets (9 percent).

What’s important here is that you find something you can use all the time. You don’t want something that you’re going to get sick of and not use.

Second, you want to research and read reviews of the e-juices that you're interested in. Other vapers are the best resources for deciding which e-juice is right for you.

Top E-Juice Flavors

With an example for each e-juice category, our list targets every preference for vapers. All of the flavors are designed to satisfy both your craving for nicotine and your palate. Here are the top seven e-juice flavors:

Best Candy Flavor -- Confection E-Juice Original Red

When vapers are ready to put an e-juice into their epods, one of the first kinds of tastes they choose is candy. The candy flavor takes us back to our childhood. With every hit, the candy taste brings back memories, such as getting cotton candy at a carnival or running to your favorite candy store. Confection E-juice Original Red is one of the best candy-flavored e-juices on the market, giving you a licorice taste with every inhale and a sugary flavor with every exhale. Candy-flavored e-juices, such as Original Red, satisfy those of us who are guilty of a sweet tooth.

Best Tobacco Flavor -- Black Note Prelude

Using carefully chosen tobacco leaves from the Italian Alps, Black Note Prelude tops the list as the best tobacco flavor on the market. Its true-to-life tobacco taste will delight you, as it takes you back to how you used to get nicotine. Although vaping is quite different, it’s the flavor that brings back your memories.

Best Menthol Flavor -- Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Ice

The menthol category is divided into distinct flavors ranging from menthol to peppermint breath fresheners. They offer vapers a cool and refreshing alternative. Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Ice is a mix of the tropical flavors passionfruit, orange, and guava with an icy twist. As the best menthol e-juice, it creates a new, fresh taste that most former nicotine users enjoy.

Best Dessert Flavor -- Vape Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Every vaper knows that the best part of eating a good meal is the feeling of vaping after you eat. What makes a meal even better? Dessert. Topping the list of best dessert e-juices is Vape Dinner Lemon Lady Tart, a flavor that reminds you of your mom’s lemon meringue pie. The sweet sensation on your palate gives dessert-lovers a happy alternative to the sugar and calories that come with eating dessert.

Best Drink Flavor -- VaporFi Catch Ya Latte

Coffee, lemonade and strawberry milkshake are three of the most favored drink flavors among vapers because they go so well with any meal. VaporFi Catch Ya Latte is one of the best coffee flavors that gives you a rush of espresso followed by cooling milk and crushed hazelnut flavor.

Best Food Flavor -- The Sauce La Capone

E-juices can be selected according to what food you enjoy. If you’ve ever downed a bowl of your favorite cereal, you know that The Sauce La Capone is an excellent cereal flavored choice. That’s because food e-juices mimic the very aromas and flavors that you love to eat, including pancakes and French Toast.

Best Fruit Flavor -- Naked 100 Lava Flow

Tutti frutti to tropical fruits, your choices are plenty. Fruit e-juices are probably the most popular on the market. Some fruit vape juices taste like fresh fruit, and others taste like candy. It's all about preference. Topping the list of fruit e-juices is Naked 100 Lava Flow. It has a distinct fruit flavor from a combination of fresh strawberries, tart pineapples, and velvety coconuts.

In a 2018 study, researchers learned that most first-time e-juice purchasers chose fruit-flavored vape juices. This showed an increase from 17.8 percent of first purchases made before 2011 to 33.5 percent of first purchases made between June 2015 and June 2016. During this time, tobacco-flavored first-time purchases were almost cut in half (46.0 percent before 2011 to 24.0 percent from 2015 to 2016).

Here goes our list of the seven best e-juice flavors to try in 2021. When choosing a favorite e-juice flavor, always read the research and reviews of each flavor you're interested in.