5 Planting Tips For Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The beginning of commercialization in the cannabis sector gave birth to auto-flowering seeds that soak up most of the efforts required to create a cannabis farm. Today most growers prefer these seeds to pure cannabis seeds given they are known for speedy growth rates, sturdy genetics, superior resistance to pests, infections, minimal dependency on environmental parameters, and most of all, ease of use for beginners.

These benefits have weighed strongly against the fact that auto-flowering seeds may not match the yield capacity of normal seeds, but are ready to harvest within 60 days and are suitable for growth throughout the year.As a novice cannabis cultivator, you may feel inclined to try auto-flowering seeds.

Here are five planting tips while working with auto-flowering seeds that will ensure healthy growth and promising yield.

1. Quality Matters Most

When you are looking for Discount cannabis seeds, the first parameter that you need to keep in mind is quality, the quality of seeds you acquire is an important factor that will influence your entire process. Quality auto-flowering seeds may be difficult to find, but they are a worthy investment if you want a healthy plant and yield. The seeds must have potent genetics and need to be properly packed when shipped to you by the company. The storage temperature of the seeds influences the sprouting, and eventually, the growth of the plant. It is necessary to ensure the seeds are stored under the optimum condition to increase the success rate for germination.

Try not to jump at the very first seeds you find online or offline. Do your research to understand the breeder and seed supplier, and if possible, visit the facilities to understand their process. Explore more about top quality autoflowering seeds in 2020 and understand the difference between each of them before you decide to buy. Identifying high-quality seeds can be challenging, but it is necessary to grow healthy and potent plants that can give high-quality yield.

2. Give It A Permanent Home

Auto-flowering plants have small growth cycles, and hence have very little time to accommodate severe changes in their environment. They respond to such changes or stressors badly. Therefore it is best to grow them with proper care from the very beginning.

It is common practice to germinate plants to let them sprout in small pots or jar and transfer them to large pots when they begin to grow. But this could be a shock for auto-flowering plants, and hence it is advisable to avoid this practice.

Auto-flowering varieties do not grow very tall and are usually easy to maintain. That said, it is best to choose a pot that can contain your mature plants from the very beginning to avoid any transfer.

The root needs plenty of space to spread inside the pot, and you need to make sure the same is available. It helps the plant to absorb the nutrients better and has superior structural integrity and potent yield.

If you still find the need to move the plant, make sure you take plenty of soil while replanting to reduce the intensity of transplant shock. Auto-flowering plants will flower regardless of the shock, but it could affect the quantity and quality of the yield.

3. Enable the Growth of a Strong Root System

The strength and capacity of your plant strongly depend on how well established their root system is. If the roots are not well developed, the plant can't receive the necessary nutrients. Autoflowering varieties have very little time to grow, so enabling the many steps that consume a lot of time to strengthen helps to build a healthy plant. Administer potent root stimulants post sprouting. It is when your plant is going to spend time creating a strong root system, and the stimulant will help speed up the process. Remember to be very sensitive while choosing the dosage as the seedling is fragile, and even a slight overdose might choke the growth.

Choose airy growth mediums to encourage development. The entire seed to harvest cycle is typically 60 days in the case of auto-flowering varieties, which means your medium needs to support vegetative growth in the shortest time possible. Alternate mediums to the soil such as coco, vermiculite, rock wool in hydroponic systems can give you amazing results. It reduces the resistance for root growth and promotes nutrition availability.

4. Light and Water Right

Indeed, auto-flowering seeds have low photoperiod dependency. But cannabis plants naturally thrive off healthy light conditions. It helps to offer the necessary light throughout growth to improve the quality of yield. The light requirements for every strain are different. Although there is no emphasis on photoperiod for auto-flowering seeds, providing proper light conditions promotes growth. Most growers follow the 18/6 schedule with 18 hours of light and 6 hours off. You can also try a 24-hour light period, which is also efficient. If your growth setting cannot provide the necessary light, then consider artificial systems such as LEDs at home for the same.

Water is the next important parameter for your seeds. When it comes to cannabis, it is best to water based on observation. Water only when you see the soil is dry to avoid overwatering that can ruin the seeds. Ensure proper pH levels in water to promote growth. Water pH determines the efficiency of nutrient absorption in a plant, and an imbalance could obstruct growth. Your plant should have a dose of all the necessary nutrients within a short period to grow to its complete potential.

5. Leverage Strain-Wise Growth Characteristics

Choosing the right strains of cannabis plays a crucial role in determining if you will get the expected output. Genetics is a powerful parameter that affects the potency as well as various other characteristics of growth. While the purpose of usage or benefits expected from the plant dominates your decision, it is crucial to understand that each strain exhibits different height, density, light, and temperature requirements, and more. Some grow exceptionally quick with minimal care, while some require special attention. Choosing the right strain of auto-flowering seeds based on your grow area conditions makes the entire process of creating a cannabis garden easier.

It is possible to incorporate strategies such as the sea of green where you limit the height of your plant and instead work on creating a network of cannabis plants within the grow area to achieve high yield. Experimenting around to get to the right strains that are compatible for you to improve can give you the best benefits from auto-flowering seeds.

The versatile nature of auto-flowering plants enables growers to work in areas with severe climate conditions without initiating much stress on the plants. The advancement in science has allowed breeders to introduce top-quality auto-flowering seeds of highly potent varieties that can be useful in both medicinal as well as recreational applications. Understand the power of auto-flowering seeds, when you decide to work with them, to receive the best benefits from your cannabis plant.



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